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InterVarsity Will 'Reinvent' Student Ministry on California State Campuses
Christian fellowship finds silver lining in being booted from America's largest university system.
Subscriber Access Only Go Figure
The majority of Americans say September 11 proved there's too little religion
Subscriber Access Only Twentysomethings for the Lord
Ministries try to channel the next generation's idealism.
Subscriber Access Only A Private Matter: Vanderbilt Vets Student Ministries
Campus ministries need different defenses.
Subscriber Access Only Hope for the Gay Undergrad
More and more groups connected with Christian colleges openly reach out to students with same-sex attractions.
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Best Christian Places to Work: What Burnout?
The Coalition for Christian Outreach takes seriously its responsibility to care for employees
Desperate for Their MRS. Degrees
Pressure to put a ring on it can distract from other pursuits and callings.
Ohio State Offers Big Bucks to Halt Church Housing Plan
University and local Episcopal church cooperate in a “win-win” agreement over campus zoning
Subscriber Access Only Losing Our Promiscuity
The church has an unprecedented chance to reach a generation burned by commitment-free sex
Subscriber Access Only Cross Purposes
Biggest Christian conference splits amid growing atonement debate.
Subscriber Access Only Why College Doesn't Turn Kids Secular
Also: Richard Land on the footbath controversy, Falwell's big Liberty gift, and other stories about higher education and research.
Subscriber Access Only Lost in Transition
With his latest research on emerging adults, sociologist Christian Smith helps the church reach out to a rootless generation.
InterVarsity Wins Key Nondiscrimination Battle at Tufts
School amends "all comers" policy to exempt religious student group leaders.
Will InterVarsity Losing Cal State Standoff Be Tipping Point for Campus Ministries Nationwide?
America’s largest university system withdraws recognition from 23 student groups for not allowing non-Christian leaders.
Subscriber Access Only Christianity Today News Briefs
Booting the Salvation Army, falling giving, and suing for rights.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 29 ARTICLES
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Water Is Weird
Water Is Weird
And its strange behaviors make life possible.
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