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Pope's Creation Teachings Nothing New for Francis Schaeffer Fans
Two works on environmental care, 45 years apart, show what evangelicals and Catholics can agree on.
Subscriber Access Only Finding Flight with the Falcons
Considering the peregrine, who are we to think we belong in the air?
Why the Pope Is Going Green
The theology behind Francis’s warning on climate change.
3 Reasons for Christians to Engage in Science
A lot of Christians are nervous about engaging science, but should we be?
In Defense of 'Worldliness'
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life on earth. But let Augustine offer a caution.
Subscriber Access Only A Bizarre and Mighty Civilization
And it’s made by leafcutter ants.
Subscriber Access Only Seeds—Small and Mighty
They’ve done nothing less than transform the planet.
Morning Roundup 3/24/15
Evangelicals and Science; New Life Montgomery; Work in Honduras
Subscriber Access Only The Lost World of Adam and Eve
Old Testament scholar John Walton affirms a historical Adam—but says there are far more important dimensions to Genesis.
Morning Roundup 3/18/15
Evangelicals and Science; How to Read Your Bible; 10 Myths About Christians
Morning Roundup 2/25/15
No Shame; Butterflies and New Creation; Pastoral Resources
If C.S. Lewis Met E.T.
Scientists and theologians on the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
Subscriber Access Only Poetic Justice at the Red Sea
A scholar explains what happened at the great biblical event.
Subscriber Access Only Windows of Vision
The remarkable ways creation—God’s and ours—allows us to see what we cannot visually see.
Subscriber Access Only Water Is Weird
And its strange behaviors make life possible.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 118 ARTICLES
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Top Story October 4, 2015
Who Are You Calling a Deadly Sin?
Who Are You Calling a Deadly Sin?
The sloth’s slowness is its virtue.
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