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Saturday is for Seminars—HDI Disaster Ministry Conference
Velocity, and Disaster Ministry Conference. Find out how to be involved!
The Refugee Crisis Frontline: Croatia’s Christians Lend a Hand
As 27,000 people flood in from Serbia, church and relief leaders rush relief and support.
What Kind of Faith Helped People Survive Hurricane Katrina?
A key predictor of resilience is a person's actively engaged faith. There's more to it than just being 'religious.'
Giving Once to Nepal Relief Is Great. Twice Is Better.
Nepal’s recovery will likely take years. Christians should stay the course—generously.
Show Us the Relief Money!
The post-Haiyan Philippine recovery: Amid anger about corruption, gratefulness for a ‘miracle-like event.’
Morning Roundup 11/26/13
Tax-Free Housing Unconstitutional; Town Turned Down by FEMA; Sex-Filled Culture
Morning Roundup 11/13/13
Help Typhoon Survivors; Is Secularism Working; Christianity and World Religions
3 Ways to Help with Disaster Relief in the Philippines
How can you help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines?
Witness Walks 'Endless Path of Misery' Left by Super Typhoon Haiyan
More than 10,000 feared dead as evangelical relief workers in Tacloban report devastation in Philippines.
How Churches Can Help Without Hurting After Super Typhoon Haiyan
Rule #1: Don't jump into action before you know the needs on the ground.
'Don't Give Up on Japan'
Post-disaster, Tokyo pastor Jonathan Wilson urges ‘outward-looking’ missions in reaching Japanese for Christ.
Subscriber Access Only A Fresh Encounter with Jesus
Scholar Atsuyoshi Fujiwara says Japanese are showing new interest in Christianity.
Subscriber Access Only
Redeeming Disaster in Japan
After Fukushima’s tragedy, God moved church leaders to the disaster-zone frontlines, where they encountered Jesus in fresh ways while serving their neighbors.
How the 'Faith-Based FEMA' Are Helping Moore Move On
As President Obama pledges recovery, Christian volunteers aid Oklahoma tornado victims based on what each denomination does best.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 162 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 28, 2016
What Jen Hatmaker Gets Right about Christian Love
What Jen Hatmaker Gets Right about Christian Love
Reactions to her message to LGBT people highlight how confused we are about love and repentance.
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