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Subscriber Access Only The Future Is P.O.D.
Multicultural voices have an edge in reaching a rapidly changing America
Subscriber Access Only New York's New Hope
From inner-city gardens, to fine-art exhibitions, to political activism, street-smart churches are changing the culture of America's largest and most dynamic city.
On the Verge
His understanding of the gospel led him to build a multi-ethnic megachurch. And now it's leading him to build smaller churches he calls "verges."
Subscriber Access Only 'We're All Theologians'
But is it the best or worst of times for doctrine?
Morning Roundup 06/06/13
Holiness; Diversity; Brazil; Confusing Discipleship with Leadership
Why We Need to Do Our Own Math, a Guest Post from David Park
Like in mathematics, we must show our work when we do theology.
Cowpokes and Farmers
One innovates, one cultivates. Is there room on the range for both in church?
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Shut Up and Embrace Diversity
Some find tolerance intolerable
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Evangelicals: Power in Unity
Evangelical leader embraces new strategy.
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Up Against a Wall
We were working well together to reach our changing neighborhood—until the cornerstone story came out. Did we have a future without repenting of our past?
Subscriber Access Only Big Dream in Little Rock
What multiracial church looks like in the town formerly infamous for segregation.
Ethnic Blends?
How do you develop a racially diverse leadership team? Are quotas the right recipe?
Living the Love
Part II of the Cape Town Commitment spells out what the Lausanne Movement's theological manifesto means for the practice of ministry and mission.
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Fred Caldwell: Paying the Price for Unity
This African American pastor made headlines when he offered whites cash to attend his church.
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Displaying 1 – 15 of 196 ARTICLES
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Desire and Deliverance
Desire and Deliverance
Three new documentaries examine Christian faith, homosexuality, and the question of change.
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