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Subscriber Access Only Kevin Vanhoozer, Drama King
The theologian's career has been about helping Christians play their part in the great divine story.
No Disappointment in Jesus?
A case for letdowns.
How to Glimpse the Trinity
The world declares the glory of God's "mutual indwelling."
The Centrality of Doctrine and the Christian Faith
A right understanding of God and his gospel moves the Christian to missional living.
Died: Marcus Borg, Liberal Jesus Scholar and Friendly Provocateur
What evangelical scholars are saying about the theologian and his work.
When Jesus Says, ‘Don’t Follow Me’
And, instead, return to where you came from.
Is Gospel Amnesia Creating a Third Great Schism?
Andrew Walker and Robin Parry seek wisdom from the Christian past to heal modern-day church divisions.
New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies
Survey finds many American evangelicals hold unorthodox views on the Trinity, salvation, and other doctrines.
The Softer Face of Calvinism
Reformed theology is more irenic and diverse than you think, says theologian Oliver Crisp.
You Need a More Ordinary Jesus
We are united with a Christ who seems not to have done much of note for most of his life.
Can You See Too Much Jesus in the Bible?
Why one seminary thinks so and is sending an Old Testament scholar into early retirement.
Subscriber Access Only An Explosion of Joy
What it means to be the apostolic church.
Doctrine that Actually Delights
J.I. Packer's Knowing God turns 40
Subscriber Access Only The Whole Gospel in One Word
Why do we often squirm at the announcement of God's love?
Will New Calvinism Report Calm Tensions among Southern Baptists?
(UPDATED) SBC advisors find "challenging but not insurmountable points of tension" in soteriology struggle.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 665 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 29, 2015
The World’s Most Astonished Atheist
The World’s Most Astonished Atheist
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Joy Davidman’s worldview, too.
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