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Ecumenical Leader Condemns Injustice of International Credit System
General secretary of the World Council of Churches complains that creditor nations get to dictate how to manage debt crisis
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Rivers of Life
"In Africa, survival depends on open waterways. Missionary explorer David Livingstone believed that salvation did, too"
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Wizard of Odds
The Leadership Interview
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"When Burkett Speaks, Evangelicals Listen"
How this former unbelieving electrical engineer became evangelicalism's financial answer man—and a look at the advice he gives.
Subscriber Access Only Fill an Empty Cradle
Falling birthrates demand new priorities for families.
Subscriber Access Only EDITORIAL: Uncle Sam Wants Your Tithes
Courts should keep creditors' hands out of the collection plate.
Subscriber Access Only Experts Warn Houses of Worship at Risk After Court Ruling
Eminent domain ruling could make churches, poor vulnerable.
Subscriber Access Only Alternative Capitalist: How a Coffee Business Brews Reconciliation
Why Jonathan Golden helps farmers in Rwanda.
Subscriber Access Only Picturing Paradise: A Review of 'Heaven in the American Imagination'
How conditions on earth shape our views of the afterlife.
Subscriber Access Only Are People The Problem?, Part 1—The Bet
(Some population experts predict apocalyptic scenarios. Others argue that human ingenuity can meet the challenge. Deciding who is right has as much to do with faith as with facts.
Subscriber Access Only ARTICLE: The Good Capitalist
Michael Novak's theology of liberation
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Editorial: Trading on Faith in China
Open trade with China will open ministry opportunities. But will human rights improve?
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Deliver Us from Wal-Mart?
Christians are among those sounding the alarm about the ethics of this retail giant. Are the worries justified?
Subscriber Access Only Politically Driven Injustice
Fixing global poverty requires more than Rick Warren's PEACE plan.
Subscriber Access Only Death Tax Resurrected
Churches and nonprofits poised to benefit from estate gifts.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 320 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 29, 2014
Three Views: Would Jesus Hang Out in a Strip Club?
Three Views: Would Jesus Hang Out in a Strip Club?
Testing the boundaries of outreach evangelism.
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