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The Kasich Conundrum
How one of America's most Christian candidates became the most offensive.
Subscriber Access Only When It Comes to the Next President, We Need More Than Strength
From Trump to Clinton, would-be leaders promise authority without vulnerability.
The Singular Humility of America's Only Ordained President
In 1880, James A. Garfield won the country's highest office. He never wanted it.
Stop Calling Ted Cruz a Dominionist
The Christian candidate's faith influences his platform, but not in the ways most critics assume.
The Theology of Ted Cruz
Questions raised by the candidate’s God-and-country vision.
Actually, Most Evangelicals Don’t Vote Trump
The numbers tell a different story than the headlines.
Don’t Underestimate Single Women Voters
How unmarried women stand to change party politics on both sides of the aisle.
Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?
Even at the ballot box, morality is not relative.
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How 11 Pastors Preach Politics (Or Don't)
We asked 11 pastors about the last time they preached about politics and why.
8 Charts on Which Evangelicals Will (and Won't) Vote Trump on Super Tuesday
Leaders seem to have little influence on voters. Church attendance might have much more.
Why Max Lucado Broke His Political Silence for Trump
In the face of a candidate’s antics, ‘America’s Pastor’ speaks out.
How Trump Tempts Us
Politics is not about one thing, but many things held in tension.
Why a Post-Christian Nation Needs a President of Faith
Religion gives candidates an advantage in advocating for all.
3 Reasons Election Season Is Good For You
It’s easy to despair over candidates, but we have good reason to celebrate this time in our country’s life.
Give Us a King!: Leadership Theory for Election Season
Historic trends bring context to Trump’s confounding popularity.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 462 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 26, 2016
How Urban Christians Failed President Obama
How Urban Christians Failed President Obama
The transgender bathroom directive is the latest sign that we shouldn't have given him a pass.
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