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Subscriber Access Only It's the End of the World, and We Love It
We're flocking to movies about the last days, even in the midst of a penny-pinching recession. Why?
A Fire That Spread Anabaptist Beginnings
American Postmillennialism: Seeing the Glory
American Christians like Jonathan Edwards were optimistic about the end.
Subscriber Access Only Who Gets Left Behind?
How end times theories shape the ways we view our earthly abode.
The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth: Christian History Interview - Galilean Rabbi or Universal Lord?
Despite earlier failings, the quest for the historical Jesus still matters.
What to Do with Aunt Julie
Harold Camping and our problem relatives.
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Hollywood: Christian Filmmakers Flock to End-times Features
Bestseller Left Behind is slated for the big screen
Subscriber Access Only The King Is Coming, Eventually
What if you announced the rapture, but God didn't show up?
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The End Is Not Yet
"The president of Dallas Theological Seminary says there will be an increase in wars and rumors of wars before the end times, but date setting should not be a priority for evangelicals."
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Is the Fat Lady Singing?
Died: Harold Camping, Christian Radio Host Who Predicted the World's End
(UPDATED) Family Radio founder apologized for 'incorrect and sinful' $100 million rapture campaign.
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The Millenial Book Awards
A review of end-times books with only a wee, little bit of Y2K hype thrown in.
Subscriber Access Only Megiddo and Other Make-Believe Disasters
September 11 has spoiled America's appetite for on-screen destruction
Don't Question My Eschatology
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Newspapers Miss the Real End-Times Story
"Not all pastors preached about Iraq on Sunday, and other stories from online sources from around the world"
Displaying 1 – 15 of 91 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 28, 2014
Three Views: Would Jesus Hang Out in a Strip Club?
Three Views: Would Jesus Hang Out in a Strip Club?
Testing the boundaries of outreach evangelism.
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