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EDITORIAL: Tonight Show Prophecy
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A Cultural Literacy Primer
Ten resources Christians need for understanding today's world.
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Christians Protest Chicago's $2.2 Million Video Game Gift
Recent reports about Christians and Christianity from the world's media sources
Subscriber Access Only Stephen L. Carter
The Yale University law professor and author of The Emperor of Ocean Park talks about the lack of religious characters in modern fiction
Subscriber Access Only Better than Hollywood's Best? A Feast of Foreign Films
Critics review City of God, Morvern Callar, Talk to Her, El Bola, Amen, The Recruit, Biker Boyz, and Final Destination 2. Also: the Vatican talks Harry Potter, RazorMouth speaks Greek, and Christian critics continue to list the best of 2002
Subscriber Access Only Megiddo and Other Make-Believe Disasters
September 11 has spoiled America's appetite for on-screen destruction
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Jesus' Remains Found in Israel
"Will a new film about a controversial archaeological find cause a ruckus in the real world, or just go away? Also this week: Critics respond to The Visit, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, Kingdom Come, and the worst-reviewed film of the last decade: Fredd"
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A Wounded Shepherd
A Texas pastor's congregation moves in for the kill in the engaging debut novel Leaving Ruin
Subscriber Access Only Bringing Down the Bad Reviews
"Mel Gibson stirs up controversy with his Christ film. A mainstream critic criticizes parents who take kids to rated-R movies. And critics mull over Bringing Down the House, Tears of the Sun, The Safety of Objects, Gerry, All the Real Girls, and The Son"
Subscriber Access Only Slivers of Enlightenment
Seven years after its publication, Roaring Lambs—now with a companion CD—still prods Christian artists to engage the culture.
Choosing a Bible Study by Chance
Talk Show Sunday
Beyonce Is Wrong: Girls Don't Run the World
Why her message of female power is hurting the African American community.
Little Girls and Single Ladies
The backlash to the video of 8-year-olds gyrating to Beyonce suggests there's still hope for our culture.
Mumford and Sons Namesake Favors 'Jesus,' Not 'Christianity'
Marcus Mumford to Rolling Stone: 'I've kind of separated myself from the culture of Christianity.'
Displaying 1 – 15 of 455 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 25, 2014
You Probably Love (or Hate) 'Heaven Is For Real' for All the Wrong Reasons
You Probably Love (or Hate) 'Heaven Is For Real' for All the Wrong Reasons
It's not a travel guide. And Colton Burpo isn't the first Christian to have an ecstatic experience.
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