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What Having Millions of Followers Taught Me About Christian Dialogue
Full House actress: Let’s stop attacking each other with Bible verses.
Inside Out: Let Yourself Feel All the Feels
Why Christians can embrace Disney-Pixar's affirmation of sadness.
Deep Calls Out to Deep, but I Long to Stay Shallow
What spring break taught me about God.
'A.D.' Isn't Your Sunday School's Book of Acts, Say Producers
"You’ve got to remember that [the first Christians] didn’t know they were characters in the Bible."
Subscriber Access Only Why We're Hooked on Heaven and Hell
What pop culture's afterlife obsession tells us about ourselves.
‘Fresh’ Faces: When Families Like Mine Go Primetime
How TV diversity reflects the imago Dei.
Why Grammy Winner Lecrae Will Never Dominate the Gospel Charts Again
Evangelicals’ favorite rapper is so successful, Billboard has changed how it ranks Christian music.
From the Sermon to the Super Bowl
What the church has to offer goes beyond entertainment and inspiration.
Fighting Sexism Like a 'Fair Lady'
What the 50-year-old film reminds us about the power of strong-willed women.
Lecrae Brings Reformed Rap to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Again
(UPDATED) On his second late-night stint, rapper's remixed song features quotes from MLK.
Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman?
Modern female superheroes barely stand for anything. It wasn’t always this way.
What’s the Truth Behind Serial? Only God Knows
Inconclusive storytelling stirs our longing for justice.
Walking By Faith
A spiritual discipline learned step by step.
20 Truths from The Stories We Tell by Mike Cosper
Mike Cosper on the way story plays in to who God is and what Jesus has done.
Where Are the Female Christian Rappers?
As more women top the charts, their Christian counterparts struggle to break through.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 914 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 30, 2015
The World’s Most Astonished Atheist
The World’s Most Astonished Atheist
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Joy Davidman’s worldview, too.
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