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Proof of a Good God: 'Crucified Under Pontius Pilate'Subscriber Access Only
Why this 'factoid' from the Nicene Creed is key to ending our nightmares about God.
He's Calling For Elijah! Why We Still Mishear JesusSubscriber Access Only
"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me" was a cry of vindication, not despair.
Creative Discipleship: Meet Richmond's Christians
Five Richmonders who transcend their city's cultural Christianity in unlikely ways.
The 'Above All' Commandment of the SabbathSubscriber Access Only
The one divine 'law' that tells us to stop striving for transformation.
The Missing Factor in Higher EducationSubscriber Access Only
How Christian universities are unique, and how they can stay that way.
A Purpose-Driven Cosmos: Why Jesus Doesn't Promise Us an 'Afterlife'Subscriber Access Only
Jesus Christ embodies the meaning of life, the goal of history, and the pattern of the future.
The Best Ways to Fight Poverty—ReallySubscriber Access Only
The government is by far the best institution to raise the poor's standard of living. The church does something more important for them.
Jesus and the Goodness of Everything HumanSubscriber Access Only
Why it matters that God became the human prototype.
Blessed Are the Jobless: How Ministries Aid the UnemployedSubscriber Access Only
For millions of discouraged workers, the church can turn job loss into a gift.
Clothing Matters: What We Wear to ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Why what we put on may be more important than we think.
Service Is Not Scandal: Responding to Mark NollSubscriber Access Only
Why it's good that evangelicals have not, and likely will not, develop an "evangelical mind."
The Cure for Election MadnessSubscriber Access Only
How to be political without losing your soul.
The Christmas Epistles: A Most Human Understanding of Godliness Subscriber Access Only
Incarnational grace in the Pastoral Epistles.
Learning to Read the Gospel AgainSubscriber Access Only
How to address our anxiety about losing the next generation.
My Perfect ChildSubscriber Access Only
What God taught me through my daughter's disability.
Disappointed with IntimacySubscriber Access Only
We set ourselves up for confusion about God if we forget that the best is yet to come.
A Fresh Call for U.S. MissionariesSubscriber Access Only
Americans should focus less on 'Western guilt' and more on sharing the gospel.
Portland's Quiet Abolitionists
Leading the liberal city's efforts to halt child trafficking is a network of dedicated Christians. Just don't go advertising it.
John Stott: Four Ways Christians Can Influence the World Subscriber Access Only
How we can be salt and light.
Top Story March 21, 2018
How Larry Norman Became the Elvis Presley of Christian Rock
How Larry Norman Became the Elvis Presley of Christian Rock
His music inspired a generation of Jesus freaks, but he never shook the suspicion of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
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