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Should States Honor the Bible as a Historic But Not Sacred Book?
Tennessee lawmakers fail to override governor's veto of Scripture as official state symbol.
Houston Mayor Drops Pastor Subpoenas
National debate over religious freedom prompts withdrawal.
Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Christians’ misguided fight for football devotions isn’t working.
Subscriber Access Only Are Pastors' Homes That Different?
Church and state rally to defend $700 million tax break.
Judge Strikes Down Housing Tax Break for Pastors
(UPDATED) Longstanding IRS exemption—last revised after Rick Warren dispute in 2002—currently saves pastors and other clergy $700 million per year.
U.S. Appeals Court: Schools Can Ban Worship
Ruling says New York ban on church services doesn't discriminate against expression. But legal scholars say the decision is unlikely to stand.
Subscriber Access Only Standing on Shaky Ground: Pastor Tax Break Threat Lessens
Ruling means threat to pastor tax break may have lost its legs.
Subscriber Access Only School Choice 2.0
Supreme Court weighs Arizona tax credits.
Subscriber Access Only A Double-Edged Sword
Pastors split over Bible reading in schools as fix for violence.
New Rules Worry Christian Colleges
Government's solution to for-profit problems may threaten schools' autonomy.
Subscriber Access Only The Cross and the Court
Unraveling the Supreme Court's tangled view of public crosses.
Subscriber Access Only Should the Supreme Court Rule that Memorial Crosses are Secular?
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Subscriber Access Only Supreme Court Weighs Fate of Mojave Cross
The court considered whether a transfer of property changes a church-state question.
Subscriber Access Only Appeals Court Declares Ten Commandments Monument Unconstitutional
Judges say the Oklahoma monument would reflect a government endorsement of religion.
Subscriber Access Only Keeping the Commandments
The Supreme Court is thinking more clearly about religious symbols in public life.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 43 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 27, 2016
Letters with the Mosque Next Door
Letters with the Mosque Next Door
How a budding friendship between a pastor and an imam brought a community together.
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