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Subscriber Access Only 1995 CT Book Awards
Subscriber Access Only The Black Church: A Necessary Refuge
I learned at age five that many US churches are unsafe for black people.
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Southern Baptist Convention
Dr. Frank Page, President and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention explains their distinctives and some misconceptions.
My Weird Childhood Faith Isn’t So Weird Anymore
Witnessing Christianity’s shift over the charismatic church.
For First Time, Youths Acquire the Fire in Myanmar
More than 13,000 Burmese attend Teen Mania rally in one of the ‘worst places for Christians.’
Hitting the Radio on BreakPoint This Week, Co-Hosting with John Stonestreet
I am excited to announce I'll be joining John Stonestreet on BreakPoint This Week every week as we talk Christianity and culture.
Subscriber Access Only Dear Pastor, Can I Come to Your Church?
Inside a new experiment on evangelicals, mainline Protestants, and race.
Where are the Mainline and Progressive Evangelical Voices Speaking Up after that Planned Parenthood Tragedy?
Progressive Christians promised us they would be prophetic voices among the Democratic party. Where are you?
Morning Roundup 7/2/15
Digital Natives; Poverty Fighters' Bible; Next Culture War
Help My Unbelief: An Interview with Barnabas Piper
How do we face unbelief? Barnabas Piper explains his new book.
Defining the Church as Evangelicals
Have we become so generous with the definition of “church” that the word has lost meaning?
The Rapid Rise of Nondenominational Christianity: My Most Recent Piece at CNN
Membership, baptism, and weekly attendance numbers are down in the largest evangelical denomination, but evangelicalism is a different story.
The Present and Future of Evangelicalism: An Interview with Dr. Rodney Stark
I recently talked with renowned sociologist Dr. Rodney Stark about the present and future of evangelicalism.
How Evangelicalism Built Its Brand Loyalty
It all goes back to the smiling gentleman on the Quaker Oats label.
The State of Evangelicalism in Canada
What do Canadian evangelicals believe, and how are they viewed by Canada as a whole? Some new stats provide insight.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1340 ARTICLES
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Was the Samaritan Woman Really an Adulteress?
Was the Samaritan Woman Really an Adulteress?
We know her as sexually immoral. Her community would have known otherwise.
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