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How the American Bible Society Became Evangelical
A look back at a major turning point in the 200-year history of the storied organization.
How Many Evangelicals? An Interview with Brian Stiller
Getting a handle on the global number of Evangelicals
Trump, Evangelicals, and the Elephant in the Room
Who are evangelicals and who are they really voting for?
Actually, Most Evangelicals Don’t Vote Trump
The numbers tell a different story than the headlines.
Subscriber Access Only Why We Still Need Kierkegaard
Evangelicals shouldn’t forget his mission to make faith more ‘difficult.’
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Subscriber Access Only How John Piper Knows the Bible Is True
His latest book makes Scripture's case for itself.
The Theology of Donald Trump
Four words that reveal what his followers really believe.
Weekend Edition—March 4, 2016
Bee-lines, church signs, synagogues, and more!
Subscriber Access Only Defining Evangelicals in an Election Year
A new research method could help us get beyond political stereotypes.
8 Charts on Which Evangelicals Will (and Won't) Vote Trump on Super Tuesday
Leaders seem to have little influence on voters. Church attendance might have much more.
Viewing Black Lives Matter, Part 4
D.A. Horton looks at Black Lives Matter missiologically
The Humble Coach Behind Celebrity Christianity
Remembering the tenacity and ironies of Fellowship of Christian Athletes founder Don McClanen.
An Ambassador to the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’
Why David Dark thinks it’s a mistake to reject the R-word.
Nominal Nation—The Shift Away from Self-Identified Christianity
The decline of nominal Christianity is an opportunity for the gospel
A Better Way to Be Evangelical
"You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."
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Displaying 1 – 15 of 1410 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 27, 2016
Letters with the Mosque Next Door
Letters with the Mosque Next Door
How a budding friendship between a pastor and an imam brought a community together.
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