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Evangelism or “Elevator Pitch”?
The offer of salvation isn't a sales pitch.
Why Christ Our “First Love” Transforms Our Witness
Love for Christ is evangelism's compelling force.
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Why You Can Still Bet Your Life on Christ
An updated version of Pascal’s wager offers a powerful argument for Christian commitment.
Saturday is for Seminars—Amplify Conference
Join me at the Amplify Conference at Wheaton College!
Make Peace
The Christian's best option is love.
Pew: How Evangelicals Live Out Their Faith in 32 Aspects of Everyday Life
Survey compares American Christians on evangelism, exercise, eating, recycling, and dozens more.
BLESS Missional Practices as a Sideways Step into Evangelism
This simple acronym guides us in missional outreach
Over Professionalizing What Should be the Common Practice of Evangelism
Evangelism should never leave the realm of the non-professionals
3 Tips for Reaching the Dechurched
Every church should be thinking about how to reach the dechurched
Amplifying Evangelism—Show and Tell
5 Steps for Church Leaders to help Churches Recover Evangelism
It Starts With "Shukran"
Perhaps learning a new language is your next discipleship move.
Amplifying Evangelism—Doing Evangelism in the Workplace
Integrating evangelism into our workplaces is critical.
Amplifying Evangelism—One Way to Amplify Our Gospel Witness...Unplug!
Evangelism is not possible until we engage those around us
Amplifying Evangelism—The Secret Roots of Evangelism
Evangelism is an outgrowth of God's creative work.
When God Calls You to Leave the Art World
Lilias Trotter could have been a famous painter. Instead, she chose to travel with two other single women to preach the gospel in Algeria. Why?
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1185 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 3, 2016
Cover Story: Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church
Cover Story: Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church
Some visitors claim to be healed. Others claim to receive direct words from God. Is it 'real'--or dangerous?
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