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Books: By Their Books Ye Shall Know Them
Books that have shaped American evangelicals in the last 40 years
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Ohio Has Designs on Science Standards
State may be the first to add intelligent design to education mandates.
Subscriber Access Only Back to the Ice Age, Forward to the Oscars
What critics are saying about Ice Age, Showtime, Resident Evil, Metropolis, Harrison's Flowers, Trembling before G-d, and Maryam
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"Weblog: Renewed Hope for Faith-Based Initiative, School Vouchers"
"The Pope visits the world's oldest Christian nation, PBS's Evolution gets slammed, and other stories from around the world."
Subscriber Access Only New Kids on the Blog
Plus: Links to a record-breaking 429 religion stories on gay marriage in Massachusetts, San Francisco, and the Church of England, a Ten Commandments resurgence, The Passion of The Christ, and even a few topics Weblog hasn't beat to death already.
Holy Passion for Liberty
In their own words, patriots describe their sense that God had ordained their cause.
The Wesleys: Christian History Interview - Weeds in the Garden
The Methodist pursuit of holiness has, over 200 years, branched off in some startling directions. A conversation with Tom Oden.
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The Genome Doctor
The director of the National Human Genome Research Institute answers questions about the morality of his work
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School Board Allows Evolution Alternatives
A conscience clause for hospitals, the new spanking argument, and more stories from online sources around the world
Subscriber Access Only Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Divine Numbers
Can you say Christian and mathematics in the same sentence?
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ARTICLE: Shouting Heresy in the Temple of Darwin
Naturalism has become the civil religion of our universities. A game plan for Christian response
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I Read the News Today
Finding the most important story in headlines' sum
Subscriber Access Only We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Why secular scientists and media can't admit that Darwinism might be wrong.
Subscriber Access Only Reading, Writing, and Rulings
Courts: Good news for homeschoolers, bad news for Christian schools.
Subscriber Access Only Infographic: America's View on Evolution and Creationism
What the breakdown of opinions looks like.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 172 ARTICLES
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Andy Crouch: Corporate Faith After the Hobby Lobby Decision
Life Together, Again
After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever.
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