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Calling All Callings: Amy Sherman on 'Kingdom Calling'
Christians can build thriving communities by exercising their vocational gifts.
How to Smartly Engage with the Young Doubters in Your Midst
Six ways to support those questioning the faith.
There are Atheists in Foxholes
...intriguing theological sensibilities, too.
The Ironies of Obama's National Prayer Breakfast Speech
The President seems to be debating himself on religious motivations and the common good.
The Biggest Poverty-Fighting Tool: Job Creation
Employment for the poor restores their dignity and keeps them off their knees.
The Local Church's Neighbors Are Everywhere
The church isn't just a network of institutions trying to stretch across the globe.
The Church Is the Solution? Show Me the Stats
Why I haven't changed my mind on fighting poverty and the job of the church.
Q & A: Andrew Palau on the Life of a Fool
In a prodigal son-like story, the son of famed evangelist Luis Palau explains how he went from apathy to doing evangelism with his father.
Fool on a Tightrope
The once-wayward son of a famous evangelist recounts his precarious passage into adulthood.
Why Christians Could Use a Little Adventure
What we can learn from Bob Goff's best-selling book, 'Love Does,' illustrating how to take "WWJD?" to new heights.
The Perils of Christian Chick Lit
How my sugary-sweet chick lit relationships turned on me.
"The Shack" Built on Shifting Sands?
William Young's surprise bestseller sparks heated response and prompts important questions
Christians Really Do Reduce Poverty
Government change often can't get to the root of the problem of poverty. The church does.
The 'Just You Wait' Mantra: Is Marriage Really That Hard?
My husband and I have encountered much gloom and doom about marriage from older Christian couples. What gives?
Displaying 1 – 15 of 103 ARTICLES
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Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
The reasons are rooted in history.
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