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Five Essential Elements of Transformational Small Groups
Small groups are not automatically effective. It takes intentionality to make them accomplish their mission.
Christian Community Doesn’t Require Our Blind Trust
Discernment and judgment must come first.
True Friends Will Change You
Transformative friendships happen everywhere… not just in small groups.
Let's Rediscover Discipleship
I recently had the opportunity to write the foreword for Robby Gallaty's newest book on discipleship.
3 Ways 'Mystery Guests' Can Improve Your Church
Melanie Smollen, founder and president of Faith Perceptions, stops by to explain the value churches may find in hosting a mystery guest.
Contextualization and Interaction Mapping
James Watson, a consultant for Salvation Army Canada, shares about how we might contextualize in culturally-mixed environments.
Community Matters: Resourcing Transformational Small Groups
What does your small group study? How do you decide?
Community Matters: The Importance of Transformational Small Groups
We must cultivate a multiplying network of small groups that bind the church together.
Whole As Whole Can Be: Dieting While Loving Ourselves and Our Neighbors
The challenge of clean eating and community.
Community Matters: The Role of Leadership Transformational Groups
The quality and kinds of leaders you have in your community will drastically affect the health of your community.
Community Matters: The Role of Transformational Groups in the Church
Community plays a vital role in the health of the local church. How does the local church develop healthy, life-changing community?
Stories of Transformation: West Valley Foursquare Gets Intentional
Using a church evaluation tool like TCAT can help your church be more effective.
Morning Roundup 8/3/15
Atheists and Jews Not Welcome; Freedom To Not Bake A Cake; Best Christian Workplaces
How We Became Too Busy for Friends
Our surface-level relationships have social and spiritual consequences.
They Shall Know Us by Our Parties
How I came to rethink the role of celebration in the Christian life.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 183 ARTICLES
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The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating.
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