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Subscriber Access Only Kiss and Tell the Gospel
Michael Penn explains what the early church meant by the "holy kiss."
Working Together… From Home
A message to Marissa Mayer: It's not where we work, but how we work that matters.
Beware of Baby Envy
Since biblical times, women have struggled to rejoice at another’s pregnancy.
Does Housework Even Matter Anymore?
Why we (at least try to) keep clean while the world embraces mess.
A Growing Hunger for a Local Voice: Sara Groves and Family Open Art House in St. Paul
Art House North is gathering musicians, photographers, and filmmakers to find 'a creative culture for the common good' of the Twin Cities.
Subscriber Access Only The Roots of Pentecostal Scandal—Romanticism Gone to Seed
The sexual stumblings of prominent ministers point to a hidden flaw in Pentecostal spirituality.
Subscriber Access Only Holy Ground
One of the most visible practices among the American Anabaptists, the Brethren love feast exemplifies humility and community.
Subscriber Access Only Taste the Soup
Sometimes understanding follows obedience.
Getting New Yorkers to Hear the Word
How Bethany Jenkins's daily devotionals kickstart common-good Christianity in NYC.
Ways to Grow Your Group (Part 3): Reaching Neighbors through Group-Sponsored Events
Fun, family-friendly small group community events can go a long way in reaching out to our neighbors.
Long Time Coming
Subscriber Access Only Community Is Their Middle Name
As Willow Creek Community Church turns 25, it is bigger than ever, drawing 17,000 a weekend. But what really makes Willow tick is what comes after the seeker services.
The Story-Telling City Planner: Ebony Walden Infuses Poetry and Place
The Charlottesville leader believes Christians should be 'the 'most' involved, interacting, and creative' neighbors of all.
For the Love of Pinterest? A Her.meneutics Hangout with Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey, & More
The bloggers join Her.meneutics regulars Laura Leonard, Rachel Marie Stone, and Sarah Pulliam Bailey.
Not Your Father's Christian Community Development
How John Perkins's CCDA has changed to respond to 21st-century realities.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 141 ARTICLES
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A Sobering Mercy
A Sobering Mercy
The second time I surrendered to Christ, I was on a dirt road with no memory of how I had arrived there.
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