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Experts Say Spiritual Roots Will Aid in Coping With Catastrophe
"Pray and connect with others, advise nation's chaplains"
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Saddleback's Social Capital
The author of Bowling Alone discovers Evangelicals can be trusted at the civic table.
Subscriber Access Only For All the Saints
A new book reminds us to get our heads and hearts together, in the company of the cloud of witnesses.
Subscriber Access Only The Roots of Pentecostal Scandal—Romanticism Gone to Seed
The sexual stumblings of prominent ministers point to a hidden flaw in Pentecostal spirituality.
Subscriber Access Only Community Is Their Middle Name
As Willow Creek Community Church turns 25, it is bigger than ever, drawing 17,000 a weekend. But what really makes Willow tick is what comes after the seeker services.
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The Church—Why Bother?
There is no healthy relationship with Jesus without a relationship to the church.
Subscriber Access Only In Praise of the Church Lady
God manages to use dubious characters to shape our lives.
Subscriber Access Only Fear Not the Disabled
We all benefit when people with disabilities are valued in our churches.
Subscriber Access Only Facing an Unwelcome Truth
We can do better when it comes to bearing the burdens of battered women.
Subscriber Access Only The Holy and the Ivy
Intellectual skepticism persists in the Ivy League. Thankfully, so does a vibrant Christian faith.
Subscriber Access Only A More Demanding Faith
Christian history is full of attempts to lead a more radical faith.
Subscriber Access Only The New Monasticism
A fresh crop of Christian communities is blossoming in blighted urban settings all over America.
Subscriber Access Only Sex in the Body of Christ
Chastity is a spiritual discipline for the whole church.
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Food Fights
State governments increasingly regulate church potlucks.
Subscriber Access Only Where Community Is No Cliché
Forty-three families in rural Texas blend Pentecostal fervor and Anabaptist simplicity.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 170 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 29, 2015
Babies Halt the Great Commission
Babies Halt the Great Commission
Christian researchers think population growth will stall the gospel’s spread.
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