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Why We Want to Return to Stars Hollow
The weirdest part of the Gilmore Girls hometown? How they did community right.
My Toddler Survived Brain Cancer—Here’s What I Learned
7 things you should know, from a mom who’s been there
Don’t Just Pray Alone
The world is desperate for people to pray with.
Thousands of Jen Hatmaker Fans Bought Her Book for Strangers
For the Love, indeed.
Bring Back Blind Dating
Online matches put the pressure on us, while setups offer a sense of community support.
Modes of Mission: Applying Biblical Mission Practices in Our Ministry
We have examined three modes of mission in Scripture. Let's apply them to today's churches.
Evangelism, Church Planting, and Alpha Course
What bridges between denominations and churches need to be built for the trust to make collaboration possible?
Weekend Edition: January 15, 2016
A video for your church, ignoring the poor, and more.
Subscriber Access Only All Christians Are Biased Voters
Three factors besides faith that shape our politics.
Weekend Edition: December 11, 2015
Defining Evangelicalism, Church planting proverbs, and more.
Five Essential Elements of Transformational Small Groups
Small groups are not automatically effective. It takes intentionality to make them accomplish their mission.
Christian Community Doesn’t Require Our Blind Trust
Discernment and judgment must come first.
True Friends Will Change You
Transformative friendships happen everywhere… not just in small groups.
Let's Rediscover Discipleship
I recently had the opportunity to write the foreword for Robby Gallaty's newest book on discipleship.
3 Ways 'Mystery Guests' Can Improve Your Church
Melanie Smollen, founder and president of Faith Perceptions, stops by to explain the value churches may find in hosting a mystery guest.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 236 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 3, 2016
Can People of Color Really Make Themselves at Home?
Can People of Color Really Make Themselves at Home?
There's a big difference between being a guest in a largely white organization and being able to "move the furniture."
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