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The Year in Liturgical Cinema: Ash Wednesday and Lent
In "The Revenant," "The Grey," and "Ikiru," we reflect on mortality and repentance.
When Art Doesn't Make Us Better People
"The Club," a disturbing film about guilt and damnation, raises questions about art that resists creating empathy.
An Ambassador to the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’
Why David Dark thinks it’s a mistake to reject the R-word.
Pride, Prejudice, Zombies, and Straw Men
It's not a satire. It's not a comedy. It's not anything, really.
'Hail, Caesar!' — A Tale of the Christ?
"Hail, Caesar!" is both a romp through Hollywood's Golden Age and an unlikely Passion Play.
Dispatch from Sundance – 'Love & Friendship'
Whit Stillman adapts Jane Austen, and the results are sublime.
Sundance Diary – Day 6: ‘Morris From America,’ ‘The Blackout Experiments,’ and ‘Tickled’
The last day of viewing included a coming-of-age story set in an unusual place, and two films about desire gone mad.
Sundance Diary – Day 5: 'Captain Fantastic,' 'Complete Unknown,' 'Kate Plays Christine,' and 'First Girl I Loved'
Parenting, living other lives, and painful first love marked another day of viewing.
Sundance Diary – Day 4: 'Sing Street,' 'Christine,' 'The Birth of a Nation,' and 'Holy Hell'
Uplifting, unsettling, devastating - all in a day's work at Sundance.
Dispatch from Sundance – ‘The Birth of a Nation’
One of the Festival's most-anticipated films is Scripture-soaked and raises some unsettling questions.
Sundance Diary – Day 3: ‘Love & Friendship,’ ‘Certain Women,’ and ‘Mammal’
The third day included films led by women as they deal with grief, desire, and the absurdity of life.
Sundance Diary – Day 2: 'Operation Avalanche,' 'River of Grass,' and 'Jim'
What makes a hero? What makes for notoriety? Today's films weigh in.
Dispatch from Sundance: 'Agnus Dei'
A must-see film that quietly suggests a surprising answer to the problem of evil.
Sundance Diary – Day 1: ‘Agnus Dei,’ ‘Sophie and the Rising Sun,’ and ‘Maggie’s Plan’
On screeners, interracial romance in the 1940s, and ficto-critical anthropologists run amok.
How 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Spotlight' Help Me Serve a Broken Church
Do I really want to count myself among Christians if they let injustice continue?
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1088 ARTICLES
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Why Lent Is Good for Bad Christians
Why Lent Is Good for Bad Christians
The somber season leading up to Easter might feel like punishment. In fact, for people like me, it's sheer grace.
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