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Shopping the Movies
Got some folks with very specific movie tastes on your list? We've got suggestions.
The Good Dinosaur
Possibly the most generic Pixar movie ever.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
If we walk away from 'The Hunger Games' thinking about big, important cultural questions, then we're better for it.
Conflicted Catharsis: On ISIS and Revenge Films
In movies and in life, should Christians celebrate when villains are killed?
What 'The Hunger Games' Taught Three Millennials
But does Katniss actually endorse the Hunger Games?
The 33
Chilean miners trapped underground, waiting for the miracle to come.
James White
A son struggles to live as his mom dies from cancer.
Let There Be Life (At the Movies)
In Hollywood’s calculus, movies are expensive—but life is cheap.
The 24th James Bond movie shows that franchise films don’t have to be innovative to be fun.
Miss You Already
A candid story about cancer that also depicts how loyal friendship can keep us honest.
What happens when good men stop doing nothing?
The story of the celebrated and blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter boasts a star-studded cast but a half-baked script.
A beautiful adaptation of Colm Toibin's novel is a romance that asks where we really find home.
Why The New ‘Feminist’ Rom-Com Is a Lie
It's no good to deny that we're both emotional and sexual beings.
Laughing At, Or Laughing With?
When is it okay to laugh at characters in a documentary - and when does that laughter cross a line?
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1029 ARTICLES
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The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating.
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