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Oscar Nominee Agnieszka HollandSubscriber Access Only
The Polish director on films, faith, the Holocaust, and her new movie, 'In Darkness.'
The Man Behind the MouseSubscriber Access Only
With Disney's A Christmas Carol opening this week, we're reminded of the man behind the studio, a religious and praying man who oft included biblical themes in his films.
The Master of DarknessSubscriber Access Only
Fritz Lang's divided faith—and mixed cinematic messages—kept audiences guessing till the very end.
A Happier AudienceSubscriber Access Only
Director Leo McCarey (An Affair to Remember, The Bells of St. Mary's) wanted his viewers to leave the theaters with a smile on their faces.
'I Try to Be a Christian'Subscriber Access Only
Orson Welles had a Catholic upbringing and was involved in several projects based on the Bible, but he mostly identified with Shakespeare's Falstaff—a Christ figure 'decorated with vices.'
The Strong, Silent TypeSubscriber Access Only
D. W. Griffith's films—including many silent pictures—often reflected his Christian upbringing and belief in the social gospel.
Print the LegendSubscriber Access Only
The great director John Ford's American pilgrimage included many films informed by his Catholic roots, even though he found biblical stories "pretty dull."
Finding God in Ordinary LifeSubscriber Access Only
The great filmmaker Robert Bresson sought to depict truth and goodness in a world where "things are going very badly."
'The Man Who Saw the Angel'Subscriber Access Only
Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky opposed any intellectual interpretation of his films, but they were rife with spiritual imagery and signs of his faith.
Save the WalesSubscriber Access Only
Veteran producer Ken Wales, who recently finished Amazing Grace, the William Wilberforce bio-pic, now turns to John Newton's story—and a Chariots of Fire sequel.
It's a Wonderful FilmographySubscriber Access Only
From Mr. Deeds and Mr. Smith through George Bailey and his Wonderful Life, the films of director Frank Capra show goodness triumphant in a brutally fallen world—with faith as the key.
Looking for SomethingSubscriber Access Only
The films of Krzyzstof Kieslowski are haunted by spiritual imagery, and yet the Polish director never really found grace—or got past "the God of the Old Testament... who ruthlessly demands obedience."
A Cranky CatholicSubscriber Access Only
Born to a Catholic family and later attending a Jesuit school, Alfred Hitchcock often incorporated religious imagery into his films—even though he had a love-hate relationship with faith.
Angels, Cowboys, and ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
From Wings of Desire to his most recent film, Don't Come Knocking, German director Wim Wenders takes viewers on spiritual journeys through differing perspectives.
From Ace to the AlmightySubscriber Access Only
Director Tom Shadyac, a Christian best known for his mega-hit Bruce Almighty, has come a long way since Ace Ventura. Here, we take a look at Shadyac's faith and films.
The Generous Soul
The Generous Soul
Why overcoming the Scrooge in all of us begins with gratitude.
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