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Subscriber Access Only Using Tabasco God's Way?
Plus: Falwell gets another critical site, Christian radio station raided in DRC, the faith behind the world's fastest runners, and other stories from online sources around the world.
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U2's Bono Says He'd 'Like to Be' a Christian
Pat Robertson speaks again on Bush's faith-based initiative, tasty Lent, and other stories from around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Feeding Hope Under a Rogue Regime
Christian outreach to North Koreans helps to keep millions from starving.
Big Business and the Sacred Mystery of Sleep
What our sleeping habits reveal about our relationship with God.
In the Wake of Suicide's Silence: Why Blame Is Never the Answer
After my own brother's suicide 15 years ago, I should know that locating blame is so often futile.
Should Christians Take Antidepressants?
Medication can help, but it can also hinder our reliance on Christ.
Blessed Are Those with Alzheimer's
Discovering God'ndashs image in a nursing home called "The Beatitudes."
Why Your Church Needs a Dr. Oz
Fitness programs like the one launched at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church rightfully teach us that exercise and healthy eating are not spiritually 'neutral.'
Female Sex Addict: Not an Oxymoron
Marnie Ferree's 'No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction' challenges easy assumptions about who gets addicted and why.
Growing Gardens to the Glory of God
Lessons gleaned from 'Animal Vegetable Miracle', Barbara Kingsolver's tale of eating only homegrown food for a year.
Who I'm Reading: Rachel Marie Stone
An introduction to one of my favorite bloggers you might not yet know--Rachel Marie Stone on food, faith, Candy Land, and Malawi.
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Editorial: When Relief Is Not Enough
Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual concern.
Subscriber Access Only Resisting Relevancy
The church suffers when pastors confuse anecdotes with parables
Subscriber Access Only Live Long and Prosper
"Though a recent survey raises questions, the health benefits of faith have been documented for centuries."
Subscriber Access Only Are People The Problem?, Part 1—The Bet (b)
(Some population experts predict apocalyptic scenarios. Others argue that human ingenuity can meet the challenge. Deciding who is right has as much to do with faith as with facts.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 379 ARTICLES
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Mark Labberton: This Is the Best of Times for Following Jesus
Mark Labberton: This Is the Best of Times for Following Jesus
The Fuller Seminary president sees the church’s moment of cultural exile as a moment of incredible opportunity.
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