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How Healthy Is Fasting?
Subscriber Access Only Evangelicals Embrace Vegetarian Diet
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Never-Ending Gardens
Bruce Wilkinson and his son teach the hungry to feed themselves
Subscriber Access Only Are People The Problem?, Part 1—The Bet
(Some population experts predict apocalyptic scenarios. Others argue that human ingenuity can meet the challenge. Deciding who is right has as much to do with faith as with facts.
Subscriber Access Only Regulators to Investigate Abortion Pill Deaths
Plus: Vatican to ban gay seminarians, Penn Jillette on his atheism, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Morning-After Headache
FDA approval for Plan B does not quell criticism.
Holy Hot Flashes! A Spiritual Take on Menopause
How the mysterious life stage changes a woman's capacity to nurture others.
Maggie Goes on a Diet: A Story for Children?
How a new book simplifies the larger female relationship with food.
Taste and Smell That the Lord Is Good
Molly Birnbaum's book 'Season to Taste' reveals how our sense of smell connects us to places and people.
Facebook and the Amazing Technicolor Bra Update
Does the bra-color meme—meant to raise cancer awareness—end up hurting women more than it helps them?
Before the Next After-Sex Pill
Moral, theological, and ethical questions behind 'ella,' a new pill to prevent pregnancy.
Midlife Matters: An Interview with Dale Hanson Bourke
Women who no longer have kids at home should seek new ministry ventures, says the longtime journalist and president of the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia Foundation.
Even Economists Can't Tell Us What to Expect When We're Expecting
Emily Oster’s 'Expecting Better' is callous and trivial—if not overtly dangerous.
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Editorial: When Relief Is Not Enough
Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual concern.
Subscriber Access Only Resisting Relevancy
The church suffers when pastors confuse anecdotes with parables
Displaying 1 – 15 of 376 ARTICLES
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Was Driscoll's Board a Problem?
Was Driscoll's Board a Problem?
Outside Insight: Some say it’s the new norm. Others don’t consider it biblical.
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