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First Female Coach Enters the ‘Man’s World’ of the NFL
Welcome to the big leagues, Jen Welter.
Morning Roundup 2/4/15
Church in Trouble; Hipster Churches; Football Chaplain
Blessed Are the Super Bowl Stars?
Like Russell Wilson, most believe God rewards faithful athletes.
Morning Roundup 1/27/15
Church or Football?; Objections in Evangelism; Christian Author on Her Cancer
In a TV World, NFL Is King
So what will Christians do about it?
Morning Roundup 1/8/15
Church Attendance and Football; What's Liberal Theology?; Child Molester's Son Shines Light
Which Churchgoers Would Skip Sunday Service to Watch Football
LifeWay finds less than 1 in 4 men would trade weekly worship.
Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Christians’ misguided fight for football devotions isn’t working.
Morning Roundup 9/16/14
Leading Alongside Men; Seminary and Mental Health; Jerry Jones
Exposing Abuse: A guest post by Emily Ellis
God gave men strength to defend women, not attack them.
Ray Rice’s Domestic Abuse Saga: Why Not Leave Him?
Questioning the victim takes focus away from the real problem: the abuse.
Christians, Are You Ready For Some Football?
Another season, another round of football debates.
When the Game Stands Tall
An inspirational high school football movie in which even the clichés ring true . . . because it all really happened.
Morning Roundup 5/20/14
Derwin Gray; OT and NT in 10 Minutes; Print Media Problems
Morning Roundup 3/11/14
Q&A with Burnett and Downey; Pro Football Was My God; McGregor/Mahrouk Conflict
Displaying 1 – 15 of 56 ARTICLES
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My Small Group Looks Like Me
My Small Group Looks Like Me
Why some multiethnic churches don’t mandate diversity at gatherings.
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