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Church Federation in the Netherlands Closes in on Blessing Same-Sex Unions
"Three months after country recognized gay matrimony, proposal suggests distinguishing between life unions and marriage."
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Bible Translation: TNIV Critics Blast Scripture 'Distortions'
But evangelical backers of new translation say gender changes are 'accurate.'
Subscriber Access Only Q & A: Deborah Dortzbach
The international director of HIV/AIDS programs at World Relief talks on our progress, and regress, with AIDS.
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Please Do, and Please Don't
Suggestions for encouraging widows.
Subscriber Access Only Seven Years in the Making, Draft ELCA Statement on Sexuality Punts
"This church does not have consensus," committee says.
Subscriber Access Only An Ocean of Sorrow
Biological maturity signaling cultural adulthood has been the norm for most ages of human history.
Subscriber Access Only ELCA Assembly: Was God in Either Whirlwind?
Tornado touches convention center as Lutherans approve sexuality statement by the exact margin it needed to pass.
Woman As Folly
I hope God doesn't see me the way I see 'The Real Housewives.'
Q&A: Deanna Favre
The wife of NFL quarterback Brett Favre speaks about her faith amid suffering.
Why Churches Shouldn't Push Contraceptives to Their Singles
Reducing abortion is a noble and urgent goal. This is the wrong way to do it.
Can Breadwinner Wives Be Happy?
That's the central question of Sandra Tsing Loh's latest 'Atlantic' essay. As a stay-at-home wife, I have a few suggestions.
No Girls Allowed: Why the Church Shouldn't Follow Augusta National Golf Club's Membership Policy
Categories can serve a purpose, but we should be careful to avoid exclusivity.
Beyonce Is Wrong: Girls Don't Run the World
Why her message of female power is hurting the African American community.
Too Girly To Lead?
God cares more about our gifts than our gender.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 590 ARTICLES
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Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Bless This Tackle? Not a Prayer
Christians’ misguided fight for football devotions isn’t working.
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