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Transgender Confusion Goes Beyond Elementary School Bathrooms
Researcher Mark Yarhouse on why mixing politics and gender identity has only left us more confused.
Subscriber Access Only What It’s Like to Be Gay at Wheaton College
The evangelical university has received negative press on LGBT matters. My own experience paints a different picture.
What Jen Hatmaker Gets Right about Christian Love
Reactions to her message to LGBT people highlight how confused we are about love and repentance.
Christians Can Hold Their Bladders and Still Shop at Target
Consider the missional implications before you boycott.
What One Religious Liberty Scholar Thinks Conservative Christians Have in Common with LGBT Activists
Thomas Berg on what both sides must to do move the polarized situation forward.
The Gender Conversation We Aren’t Having
Why sexism deserves more attention than the complementarian-egalitarian debates.
How I Learned to Love My Period
From curse to cause for celebration.
Stop Assuming Dads With Daughters Must Be Disappointed
Having four girls is not a punchline.
Why Christian Women Need to Talk about Sex
A counselor explores why we don’t and why we should.
Get Yourself a Girl Squad
The powerful witness of befriending the competition.
The Force Is With Her
Star Wars' leading lady sends a message to the boys, too.
C. S. Lewis Was No Sexist
Two recent titles explore the great apologist’s relationships with women.
Subscriber Access Only There’s Only One Thing That Lets Us Get Close to Suffering
An excerpt from 'The Justice Calling'.
Subscriber Access Only Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed with 'Identity'
2015 was a year when many movies and TV shows showed characters searching for their 'authentic self.' What Christians can learn from that search.
Why Are Christian Guys Silent About Abstinence?
When we don’t talk about male virginity, we imply that it’s not important.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 595 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 27, 2016
How Urban Christians Failed President Obama
How Urban Christians Failed President Obama
The transgender bathroom directive is the latest sign that we shouldn't have given him a pass.
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