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Where Was God When Lolo Jones Placed Fourth?
We need a theology that accounts for Christian athletes' on-the-field failings.
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Higgs Boson?
How new scientific discoveries have shaped my theology.
Women Bloggers and 'Real' Church Ministry
According to, the topics we cover at Her.meneutics are not serious ministry. Excuse me?
Questioning Scientology amid Katie Holmes's Divorce from Tom Cruise
Why empathizing with Cruise isn't sympathy for the Devil.
Why Stay-at-Home Moms Are More Depressed Than Working Moms
A new Gallup poll reveals what I've learned from experience: Parenting is really hard.
Cross-Gender Friendships: What's Appropriate for Married People?
A new model suggests married men and women can be best friends—and not with their spouses. Think again.
Shaming Children for Eating Snacks: How Not to Fight Childhood Obesity
The Bible suggests food is a gift from God—even when we're trying to lose weight.
Unplanned Parenthood: The Blessing of an Inconvenient Pregnancy
For many women, pregnancy reveals just how far we've bowed to the god of control.
A Woman's Place in Christian Higher Ed
Surveying the new research on women leaders at CCCU schools.
Christians Urge Obama to Keep Conscience Clause
Today is the last day for arguments supporting medical workers' right to refuse to provide care that violates their conscience.
Nutrition for Nascent Human Life
I'm grateful that the government helped feed my child; I'm less okay with asking it to erase inequality among all citizens.
Redeeming Twitter
It doesn't have to be for shallow updates.
Deciphering the Pennsylvania Gym Shooting
What George Sodini's journal reveals about women and violence.
In the Loop: Christians in Court, Women in the Army, and Writing on Faith
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1379 ARTICLES
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Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?
Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?
As ministries report record interest in serving, Samaritan's Purse shifts strategy on what expat doctors do.
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