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Love Your Neighbor. Get Your Vaccines.
How getting routine shots benefits not just you but your entire community.
No Exceptions: The Case for a Consistent Pro-Life Ethic
Is unborn life not worth protecting in cases of rape and incest?
How Canada Convinced Me Not to Vote
Why I won't be casting my ballot in two weeks.
Sex! Outrage! The Internet! Doug Wilson, Rachel Held Evans, and The Gospel Coalition
Why I'm not sure we should be calling for a petition for removal of a blog post.
A Parenting Manual for Men Freaked Out by Pregnancy
Christian Piatt's PregMANcy is an irreverent but helpful take for men welcoming little ones.
The Health Care Ruling and the God of Salvation
How yesterday's ruling affects—and shouldn't affect—those who follow the crucified Christ.
Why You Might Tip Your American Hat to Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee
A Canadian's defense: what an ascension anniversary has to do with Christians globally.
Why Facebook Removed Photos of a Baby
The site's banning of photos of Heather Walker's dying infant reveals a culture terrified of death.
Born This Way? The Moral Universe of 'Glee'
Last night's season finale underscores how the show is just as preachy as 'Christian films.'
I'm Not Julia: Why Obama's American Woman Doesn't Speak for Me
By the government's estimate, women are best when they live life alone. Not so fast.
Dad-in-Chief: Parenting Lessons from Rick Santorum and President Obama
We need more political leaders modeling family sacrifice—especially for children with disabilities.
Breastfeeding in Church, and Other Petty Crimes
The act of breastfeeding is a picture of the care God gives us.
Why a Funeral Is Not the Time to Rejoice
We can let this season of Lent be Lent, so that Easter can be Easter.
Marriage: Creating a Partnership, Not Reeling in a Catch
The old traditions of luring in a spouse still linger today.
Real Women Don't Text Back: How Women Fuel the Man-Boy Problem
Women will help single men grow up by refusing to play by their frat-boy standards.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1424 ARTICLES
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Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
The reasons are rooted in history.
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