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My Perfect Husband, and the Death Trap of Comparing Marriages
The danger of making your own marriage the gold standard for all others.
The Wall Builders: A Parable about the Gender Debates
A tale about a small kingdom, the kingdom-dwellers, and the great wall that divided them.
Hungry for the Hunger Games: Why We Need Dystopian Tales
We can't shelter young readers from the world's violence forever.
John Piper and the Rise of Biblical Masculinity
Why many church leaders are tempted to confuse cultural norms with biblical truth.
Sara Zarr Talks Faith, Art, and Imperfect Christians
'How to Save a Life', her newest novel for young adult readers, is about several lives that need saving.
Holy Hot Flashes! A Spiritual Take on Menopause
How the mysterious life stage changes a woman's capacity to nurture others.
My Husband's Affair - with the Church
Eileen Button's 'The Waiting Place' describes a marriage complicated by a pastor's overcommitment to his congregation.
Maggie Goes on a Diet: A Story for Children?
How a new book simplifies the larger female relationship with food.
Kris Allen Triumphs on 'American Idol'—in More Ways Than One
Lessons from the outspoken Christian's friendship with the competition, glam rocker Adam Lambert.
What Are You Reading This Summer?
We've offered some lists if you haven't decided yet.
Where Does Francis Collins Stand on Stem-Cell Research?
The question is more pressing now that he is heading the National Institutes of Health.
Half the Sky: A Must-Read Book
The fight for women's dignity worldwide, the 'cause of our time,' needs Christians now more than ever.
The President's Speech and Parental Rights
To what extent should the government shape children's beliefs?
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1314 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 21, 2014
We Need More Than Liturgy
We Need More Than Liturgy
Liturgical worship is the rage among many evangelicals. 'Not so fast,' says a liturgical Christian.
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