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Subscriber Access Only The Dissatisfaction of Francis Schaeffer, Part 2
Thirteen years after his death, Schaeffer's vision and frustrations continue to haunt evangelicalism.
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Current Religious Thought: Abraham Kuyper: A Man for This Season
The surprisingly relevant advice of a Dutch statesman for engaging postmodern culture.
Subscriber Access Only Yancey: Why I Can Feel Your Pain
The "politically correct" movement often positions itself as an enemy of Christianity. Ironically, the gospel contributed the underpinnings that make the movement possible.
In God's Country
Those who believe that God rewards righteous nations have Orosius to admire and Augustine to dispute.
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The Rise and Fall of the Daily Office
Structured daily prayers can be traced back to the times of David and Daniel
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History for Us
Who is writing the church's story?
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Neopagan Pity Party
A cable-TV film treats the Arthurian legend as a canvas for goddess worshipers
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To the End, a Baptist Preacher
If you want to know Martin Luther King Jr., consult his sermons.
Subscriber Access Only Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr.
A progress report.
Subscriber Access Only Mom, We Salute You
Mother's Day and Memorial Day were meant to go together
Subscriber Access Only Of Church, State, and Taxes
If you want to know what the establishment of religion looks like, check out church history, not American tax law
Subscriber Access Only How the Early Church Saw Heaven
The first Christians had very specific ideas about who they would meet in the afterlife
Subscriber Access Only Spurgeon on Jabez
What history's most prolific preacher said, in 1871, about the Prayer of Jabez
Subscriber Access Only Evangelicalism's Decades of Fire
New historical survey highlights twentieth-century evangelicalism's impassioned middle decades
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1344 ARTICLES
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God’s Defense Attorney
God’s Defense Attorney
Millionaire lawyer Mark Lanier moonlights as a Sunday school teacher.
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