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Rabbi: Passover Is for Christians, Too
Reform leader offers a Jewish perspective on New Testament tradition.
Sitting, Waiting, and Hoping in the Tomb of Jesus
How the anguished uncertainty of Holy Saturday gives shape to our faith.
What Do Our Kids Need to Learn about Easter?
This theological abstract reality needs support all year round for any of us to believe it.
We Wish You a Busy Easter
Why the extra services and special meals of Holy Week are good for us.
Watch and Wait
Tarrying with Christ and the fearful dying.
The Epic Jesus Follower Fail
The cringe-worthy subplot of Holy Week underscores the truth of the gospel.
Five Errors to Drop From Your Easter Sermon
If you want to help people see Holy Week with fresh eyes, start by dropping these familiar fallacies.
Why Resurrection People Remember the Dead
Keeping the memory of our deceased loved ones alive.
Subscriber Access Only National Tragedy and the Empty Tomb
Not even senseless murder can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.
Why a Wheaton College Professor Smeared Jesus in Human Dirt
David Hooker explains the inspiration and process behind his much-discussed "Corpus."
You're Probably More Like Judas Than You Think
We all want a Messiah whose plans mirror our own. But a true disciple surrenders to the Master's will.
Mercifully Forsaken
There is a reason Good Friday is called good, and why we can be thankful when God forsakes us.
iPhone Apps and the Old Adam
A meditation on corporate confession for Ash Wednesday.
Holy Saturday
Subscriber Access Only A Crescendo of Wonder
Why Good Friday services are not designed to be funerals for Jesus or exercises in guilt.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 32 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 1, 2016
Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-Word
Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-Word
Only some believers are ordained. But all are priests.
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