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Subscriber Access Only The Shocking Weakness of God's Truth
An excerpt from 'Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion'.
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In Defense of 'Worldliness'
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life on earth. But let Augustine offer a caution.
Subscriber Access Only Why Jesus Used Bad Science
When God humbled himself, his intellect was not exempt.
Jesus and 'Jingle Bell Rock'
I’ve learned that there’s no dividing line between ‘American Christmas’ and ‘Christian Christmas.’
How To Be A Christlike Ally
Many of us want to be allies to our African American brothers and sisters but don't know how. The incarnation of Jesus shows us the way.
Ferguson, Church, and Continuing the Conversation
How can we continue the conversation on race in every season? A guest post by Rich Villodas
Jesus, the Ultimate Team Captain
What the incarnation means for you.
Subscriber Access Only The Day God Died
The most terrible and wonderful moment in history.
A man, the phone he is dating, and the incomparable gift of the Incarnation.
Subscriber Access Only Jesus Doesn't Need Help
Well-intentioned impulses can lead to modeling ourselves after the wrong Christ.
The God Who Walks Through the Door
In my questions for God, I'm like my kids. Sometimes sincere in my doubts. Sometimes whiny, repetitive, insistent. Often not even asking God directly but allowing my doubts to protect me from talking to God, or listening to God, at all.
Subscriber Access Only Vicarious Humanity: By His Birth We Are Healed
Our redemption, it turns out, began long before Calvary.
Subscriber Access Only Jesus and the Goodness of Everything Human
Why it matters that God became the human prototype.
The Christmas Epistles: A Most Human Understanding of Godliness
Incarnational grace in the Pastoral Epistles.
Subscriber Access Only Why We Need Jesus
Reason and morality cannot show us a good and gracious God. For that, we need the Incarnation.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 61 ARTICLES
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Leaving Patriarchy in the Past
Leaving Patriarchy in the Past
Scripture affirms sweeping male authority, says John Stackhouse—just not for all time.
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