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Subscriber Access Only The Pulse: Iraq Reconsidered
In retrospect, was it a just invasion or not?
Subscriber Access Only Rounding Up the Few Christian Voices on the Iraq Prison Scandal
Sojourners says Rumsfeld should go, World says he should stay, and Christian Peacemaker Teams says there's a bigger story untold.
Subscriber Access Only Voting Against Anarchy
The greatest threat to liberty in Iraq is not international terrorism.
Mixing Medicine and Mercy in the Streets of Iraq
I used to think Christian mission was only about evangelism. Until we met Seema.
Subscriber Access Only Apocalypse Again and Again
The Bible doesn't tell us when to go to war but how to live in a war-ridden world
Subscriber Access Only Defending Our Neighbor
Can we start a war to protect others?
Subscriber Access Only Post-Traumatic Faith
Understanding the plight of Christians who have killed in combat.
Female Heroes in a New Kind of Combat
Military women already serve and sacrifice in today's wars.
Subscriber Access Only Attacked Iraq Taxi Was Carrying American Baptist Church Planters
Also: Evangelical church bombed in Thessaloniki, Americans believe the Bible, FDA delays morning-after pill decision, and other stories
Subscriber Access Only Iraq Churches Attacked
At least 11 dead, 52 injured in Baghdad and Mosul bombings. A roundup of the on-site reporting and response.
Died: Jean Bethke Elshtain, Political Scientist Who Fought Academia's 'Dissolving Ideologies'
The Chicago philosopher, who died of a heart condition, 'recognized that faith, family, and patriotic solidarity ennobled the lives of ordinary people.'
Subscriber Access Only The Moral Home Front
America's increasing decadence is giving aid and comfort to Muslim terrorists.
Subscriber Access Only Loving Military Enemies
War does not exempt Christians from the second-greatest commandment.
Subscriber Access Only I Was in Prison and You Abused Me
What would Jesus do at Abu Ghraib?
Subscriber Access Only Five Baghdad Churches Bombed
More Christians are expected to flee the country as their numbers continue to decrease.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 47 ARTICLES
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Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
The reasons are rooted in history.
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