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Subscriber Access Only Is This the End for Mideast Christianity?
For Mideast Christians, 2014 has been a year of bloody disaster. Are these churches on the edge of extinction?
Good News: Fewer Iraq War Veterans Receiving 'Radical Hospitality' in Jesus' Name
Gospel rescue missions report drop in visits by vets who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Persian Gulf.
Died: Jean Bethke Elshtain, Political Scientist Who Fought Academia's 'Dissolving Ideologies'
The Chicago philosopher, who died of a heart condition, 'recognized that faith, family, and patriotic solidarity ennobled the lives of ordinary people.'
Mixing Medicine and Mercy in the Streets of Iraq
I used to think Christian mission was only about evangelism. Until we met Seema.
Female Heroes in a New Kind of Combat
Military women already serve and sacrifice in today's wars.
Church Leaders Are Reshaping Ministry for 1 Million Returning Vets
Former military members need time and attention, but not necessarily programs.
Iraq's Christians Caught in the Middle, Again
If the looming war breaks out, 350,000 Iraqi Christians will be caught in a West-East conflict eerily similar to 4th-century events.
Subscriber Access Only Voting Values
New poll suggests that the Iraq war may trump abortion and gay marriage.
Subscriber Access Only Our Teachable Moment
The Iraq war calls for some serious rethinking by Christians.
Subscriber Access Only Will Iraq Trump Abortion for Evangelical Voters?
Plus: Taliban kidnapper killed in battle, Bynum files for divorce, rounding up the Mother Teresa commentaries, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Bush's 'Theological Perspective'
U. S. presence in Iraq is 'allowing for the inevitable to happen.'
Subscriber Access Only Bush's Heresy
His hope for Iraq is "more of a theological perspective," he says.
Subscriber Access Only Bush Discusses Iraq and AIDS With Pope in First Meeting
At Easter message, Benedict XVI had lamented, "nothing positive comes out of Iraq."
Subscriber Access Only The Pulse: Iraq Reconsidered
In retrospect, was it a just invasion or not?
Subscriber Access Only From Protesting Abortion Clinics to Protesting the War
Evangelical Christian couple who founded Believers Against the War have a son in Iraq.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 48 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 1, 2016
Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-Word
Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-Word
Only some believers are ordained. But all are priests.
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