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What Chest Pains Taught Me
This Week's Theme: You and Your Job
Subscriber Access Only The Resurrection Changes Everything
'Raised With Christ' highlights the neglected central event of our faith.
What Neuroscience Tells Us about Lenten Disciplines
Don't fast for a cause, but to shape your soul.
The Praying Artist: God Is My Editor
How praying through my work changed me (Part 2).
Lenten Reflections: Lenten Lapses
Love, a Day Late
What Happens When we Turn (For Real) To God
This Lent, I've learned again that He runs to meet us and welcome us home
Subscriber Access Only Opening a Door into Prayer
A reflection on solitude during Lent, excerpted from Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey.
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Who Got You Here?
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The Empty Tomb and the Emptied Urn
What the wounds of Jesus can — and can't — tell us about our resurrection bodies.
Subscriber Access Only Happiness Is Not Hope
How Easter Sunday can become the unhealthy denial of death.
Why I'm Giving Up Counting Calories for Lent
The practice has led me to believe, erroneously, that thinness is a virtue.
Lenten Reflection: Cheating God?
Subscriber Access Only What Makes This Week Holy?
Jewish and Christian celebrations this week aren't just springtime rituals.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 167 ARTICLES
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Saying Goodbye for Good
Saying Goodbye for Good
How to bid farewell as though our bodies mattered.
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