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Food for the Soul?
Lenten traditions range from fowl-turned-fish to pretzels
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Divine Dirt Bikes
This Week's Theme: On God's Mission
Subscriber Access Only Serving a Two-Handed God
How we love our neighbor depends on what we think divine power looks like.
The Charlie Sheen Has Worn Off
This Lent, given the disturbed actor's slow self-wrecking, I'd like to fast from celebrity news.
From Going Big to Giving Up
Preparing for Lent at, yes, your Super Bowl party.
In Defense of Lent
Five reasons to fast and feast until Easter arrives
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Pope Asks Forgiveness for Sins Committed by Sons of the Church
Plus: Slate analyzes Chuck Colson but doesn't understand Protestant Christianity, creationism's most famous enemy may be helping the cause, Lent gets easier, and other topics.
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New Workshop in 21 Days
Subscriber Access Only The Scandal of the AIG Bonuses
And the gospel of incomprehensible unfairness.
Subscriber Access Only Easter, Unedited
N. T. Wright says the Gospels' Resurrection accounts are odd because they are fresh.
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What Chest Pains Taught Me
This Week's Theme: You and Your Job
Subscriber Access Only The Resurrection Changes Everything
'Raised With Christ' highlights the neglected central event of our faith.
What Neuroscience Tells Us about Lenten Disciplines
Don't fast for a cause, but to shape your soul.
The Praying Artist: God Is My Editor
How praying through my work changed me (Part 2).
Displaying 1 – 15 of 167 ARTICLES
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Our Bodies Were Made for You, O Lord
Our Bodies Were Made for You, O Lord
We've been designed, right down to the DNA, to love and serve our maker.
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