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Two Cheers
President Bush's stem-cell decision is better than the fatal cure many sought
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India: Unwanted Girls Aborted
Christians in India fight female feticide and illegal prenatal testing.
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'Political Witch Hunt'
New York attorney general goes after crisis pregnancy centers.
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Blessing Abortion
Planned Parenthood is an odd assignment for a workplace chaplain
Subscriber Access Only Christianity Today News Briefs
Iraqi churches under fire, appealing Oregon's assisted-suicide law, and Rwanda's theological school.
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U.N.: No Cloning
An equally strong ban, however, is stalled in Congress.
Subscriber Access Only The Stem-Cell Conspiracy
The Washington Post muddles a major breakthrough in adult stem-cell research, while the U.K. marches blindly on.
Subscriber Access Only Schiavo Was Blind and Unabused, Says Autopsy
Plus: Gloomy predictions for the UCC, Indianapolis Star editorial writers allege religious discrimination, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Biopolitics: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Plus: The latest from the Korean cloning scandal.
Subscriber Access Only Science and Law Haven't Changed on Stem Cells. Has Politics?
Plus: Prolifers rally and ... burn the Qur'an?! On having Ralph Reed to kick around, banning baths, and a bunch of links to a bunch of other stories.
Mississippi Personhood Initiative Defeated
Ballot efforts initially gained momentum as some groups say they could backfire and entrench abortion rights.
Subscriber Access Only How biblical is it to be pro-life and support the death penalty?
Honoring Life
What You Need to Know About the Hidden Benefits (and Costs) of New Prenatal Tests
Significant scientific leaps offer more information—and decisions—to expecting mothers.
Am I My Sister's Keeper?
A new movie explores tensions between preserving a life when a terminally ill patient feels ready to die.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921-2009
Remembering the devout Catholic's tireless work for people whose lives were often seen as worthless.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 517 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 23, 2014
How Gaza’s Christians View the Hamas-Israeli Conflict
How Gaza’s Christians View the Hamas-Israeli Conflict
Baptist pastor Hanna Massad speaks openly about what he sees happening as he helps to shelter Gaza’s Christians and others during the current conflict.
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