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Prepare the Way of the Lord
An Advent calendar.
Subscriber Access Only New Every Morning
A magazine for the scandalous, beloved church.
Worship Christ the Newborn King
This, this is Christ the King. It's not just imagery and metaphor.
Subscriber Access Only The Friends of The Christ of The Passion
Popular interest in the person of Jesus is widening to include his closest friends. But who were these people, really?
Subscriber Access Only Cosmic Combat: The Other Side of Christmas
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Fictionalizing Jesus
Walter Wangerin's newest novel adds historical and cultural details to the savior's life.
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Jesus' Last Words as Ars Moriendi
How his seven last words can guide the Christian preparing for death.
The Resurrection Changes Everything
'Raised With Christ' highlights the neglected central event of our faith.
Subscriber Access Only Christ Is Enough
Why this simple reminder is necessary right now. A review of Phillip Cary's 'Good News for Anxious Christians.'
Good News: Jesus Is Not Nice
The chaos of grace and the grace of chaos.
Subscriber Access Only Hero Worship
The Dark Knight perpetuates America's hero confusion.
Subscriber Access Only How to Have a Merry Christmas
And it doesn't require you doing another blessed thing.
Subscriber Access Only Suffering God
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Subscriber Access Only The Cost of Christian Education
Getting schooled in the faith is more unnerving than I care to admit.
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Not Just A Clump Of Cells
What the Christmas story says about our bodies and our bioethics debates.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 135 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 20, 2014
Watch and Wait
Watch and Wait
Tarrying with Christ and the fearful dying.
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