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When Jesus Says, ‘Don’t Follow Me’
And, instead, return to where you came from.
How Egypt's Government Is Trying to Get Christians to Follow Jesus
Long-dormant pilgrimage route focuses on Jesus' post-Christmas journey.
You Need a More Ordinary Jesus
We are united with a Christ who seems not to have done much of note for most of his life.
Up and Away: Why It Is Good that Christ Departed
Exploring the reason for Christ's ascension into heaven.
Worship Christ the Newborn King
This, this is Christ the King. It's not just imagery and metaphor.
Subscriber Access Only Vicarious Humanity: By His Birth We Are Healed
Our redemption, it turns out, began long before Calvary.
Subscriber Access Only A Purpose-Driven Cosmos: Why Jesus Doesn't Promise Us an 'Afterlife'
Jesus Christ embodies the meaning of life, the goal of history, and the pattern of the future.
The Christmas Epistles: A Most Human Understanding of Godliness
Incarnational grace in the Pastoral Epistles.
Subscriber Access Only Why We Need Jesus
Reason and morality cannot show us a good and gracious God. For that, we need the Incarnation.
Good News: Jesus Is Not Nice
The chaos of grace and the grace of chaos.
Subscriber Access Only The King Jesus Gospel
The original good news revisited.
Subscriber Access Only Tempted and Tried
Temptation and the triumph of Christ.
The Problem with Christus Victor
An increasingly popular view of the atonement forces the question: What are we saved from?
Subscriber Access Only King's Cross
The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus
Subscriber Access Only Rob Bell's Bridge Too Far
The controversial pastor raises crucial questions, but offers answers that may sabotage his goals.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 140 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 27, 2016
Letters with the Mosque Next Door
Letters with the Mosque Next Door
How a budding friendship between a pastor and an imam brought a community together.
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