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O Jailed Town of Bethlehem
How eerily still we see thee lie.
Subscriber Access Only The Christian Message in Lebanon
Journalist Rami Khouri on how the church can foster peace in a troubled region.
Subscriber Access Only Israel Reconciled to All
Ground-level religious discrimination against Messianic Jews may be changing.
Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians—Really?
Why I refuse to be cynical about the current talks.
Subscriber Access Only Israel's Arab Christians and Jews: Brothers in Arms?
A priest and a sea captain’s solution to saving Mideast Christianity: Join the Israeli military.
Subscriber Access Only How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend
Subscriber Access Only Love in the Land of Enmity
The local joke is that Gaza is hell. But that doesn't seem to deter ministry there.
Subscriber Access Only Reflections from a Messianic Jew in Israel
When questions are too hard to answer, we must still be about our Father's business.
Subscriber Access Only Secrets of the Lebanon-Israel War
Plus: Are conservative Christian schools really worst of all? A church bombing in Malawi, the IRS's new church politics program, and links to more than 280 articles from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Gaza's Christian Bookstore Bombed
No injuries in Palestinian Bible Society blast, but security guard was kidnapped and beaten.
Subscriber Access Only Jewish Groups Angered by Presbyterian Statement on Anti-Jewish Bias
Revisions give a pro-Palestinian slant, they say.
Little Town of Bethlehem
'Little Town of Bethlehem' puts a human face on Israeli-Palestinian relations.
How to Treat a Rebellious Israel
Part two of a conversation between John Piper and Jews for Jesus head David Brickner.
Embedded Sin and "The Honorable Woman"
A show that explores the Middle East conflict, and a whole lot more.
Relief in Wartime Chaos
Fleeing violence, nearly 1.3 million Syrians and Iraqis are now living in Jordan. How local and global leaders are meeting their needs.
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Displaying 1 – 15 of 92 ARTICLES
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Water Is Weird
Water Is Weird
And its strange behaviors make life possible.
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