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What is the Missional Church? (Part 6)—Having Beautiful Feet
Feet that carry the gospel are beautiful no matter how ugly they may be otherwise.
How to Help Those in Need (Without Treating Them Like Beggars)
Robert Lupton shares strategies to lift people out of poverty for the long haul.
What is the Missional Church? (Part 5)—Forgetting Missions
How might the local church better engage in world missions for the glory of God?
What Is the Missional Church (Part 4)?—Shaped By God and His Mission
Mission and missions must work together. We mustn't have one without the other.
Subscriber Access Only Good Behavior Matters After All
It's the way to reach a lost and sinful world.
Subscriber Access Only Not What You See on TV
Why we have hope for the church in a rapidly changing culture.
Subscriber Access Only The Hole in Our Servant Leadership
If you don’t have to relinquish some power, then it’s not really it.
Subscriber Access Only The Southern Baptist S(p)ending Crunch
The missions agency of the largest US Protestant denomination faces a $21 million deficit. Could it spell the end of the fulltime missionary?
66 Missionaries Must Leave UK after Operation Mobilization Loses License
Same visa problem almost led YWAM to lose hundreds of workers last year.
Not Just Jobs, Not Just Bibles: The Future of Fighting Extreme Poverty
After a generation of massive global progress, aid and mission efforts are pointing the same direction.
Monday is for Missiology: What is the Missional Church?-- a New Series
"Missional" has been used and abused for years. What does it mean and what does a missional church look like?
Why Gospel for Asia Got Kicked Out of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
One of the world’s largest missions agencies denies wrongdoing and vows to improve.
Wisdom in Contextualization: How Far Is Too Far?
How does the word "contextualization" make you feel? Free or fearful?
Weekend Edition: September 25, 2015
Pope Francis, Syrian Refugees, and more on this week's iteration of Weekend Edition.
Died: Menes Abdul Noor, 85, Former Pastor of Middle East’s Largest Evangelical Church
Author/translator of 100 books, Abdul Noor used literacy campaigns and Bible-based preaching to spread the gospel.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 1068 ARTICLES
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The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating.
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