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How Your Church Feels About Money
God's Calling Plan
So what exactly is a call to ministry?
I Have This Feeling ...
Even non-intuitives can hone leadership instincts.
The Church & Politics Quiz
Where is the "wall of separation" exactly? Uncover the assumptions you carry into your ministry.
Church Discipline for Repetitive Sin
How do you work pastorally with people who are likely to fall again?
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Preaching Like a Prophet
We dare not be silent about injustices, if only we can see them as God does.
Same-Sex Marriage and the Single Christian
How marriage-happy churches are unwittingly fueling same-sex coupling—and leaving singles like me in the dust.
Subscriber Access Only What Christians Need to Know about Alternative Medicine
Common practices like yoga and acupuncture have roots in other religions. Are we ignoring that?
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Biblical Adoption Is Not What You Think It Is
For one, it wasn't about the child, but mostly the family.
Subscriber Access Only The Problem with the Fetal Pain Abortion Bans
New state bills rely heavily on science. That could turn out to be a problem.
Blogging, Tweeting, and Instagramming in the Image of God
How the 'media event' of Scripture can teach us to use social media wisely.
Let There Be Arcade Fire
The famous indie rock band reinvents itself in search of another 'passionate age.'
Are Evangelicals Bad for Marriage?
A new study says Protestants are more likely than non-religious Americans to divorce, but some disagree.
Subscriber Access Only A Gospel for Everyone
What we mean when we profess ‘one catholic church.’
Subscriber Access Only Taking Exception: The Strategy That's Dividing the Pro-life Movement
State are passing more restrictions on abortion than ever before. Some say it’s because they’ve surrendered too much.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 524 ARTICLES
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Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?
Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?
As ministries report record interest in serving, Samaritan's Purse shifts strategy on what expat doctors do.
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