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Morning Roundup 08/05/13
Faith in Detroit; NT Canon Facts; Race in America; Songs from the Book of Luke
A Man for All People: Introducing William Tyndale
Subscriber Access Only Operation Evil Power
If Christ has truly defeated the powers of Satan on the Cross (Col. 2:15), why do the powers of evil effectively operate in this world?
Subscriber Access Only Christ's Story
A top-notch scholar drops academic language for a basic retelling of Jesus'
Subscriber Access Only A Tale of Five Herods
If you had five minutes with the President, what would you say?
Subscriber Access Only Abandon Studying the Historical Jesus? No, We Need History
A response to 'The Jesus We'll Never Know.'
Goodness, Gracious(ness), Great Balls of Fire
Visions of eternity just aren't what they used to be.
Subscriber Access Only
A Primer on Paul
"The History Channel uses Holy Saturday not to discuss Jesus, but the apostle who spread his message."
Subscriber Access Only The Jesus Dynasty: How to Explain Away the New Testament
James Tabor's historical assumptions that reject God's activity on Earth force him into odd arguments to explain the birth of Christianity.
Subscriber Access Only Evangelicals in a Secular Society
Ted Haggard says Galatians bars us from using the law to create a Christian nation.
Subscriber Access Only An Upside-Down World
Distinguishing between home and mission field no longer makes sense.
Subscriber Access Only The Jesus We'll Never Know
Why scholarly attempts to discover the 'real' Jesus have failed. And why that's a good thing.
Preaching From the Print Shop
If Luther hadn't used the new printing technology, would there have been a Reformation?
What the English Bible Cost One Man
Tyndale's comfort to persecuted Bible readers
Displaying 1 – 15 of 164 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 20, 2014
Watch and Wait
Watch and Wait
Tarrying with Christ and the fearful dying.
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