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Morning Roundup 08/05/13
Faith in Detroit; NT Canon Facts; Race in America; Songs from the Book of Luke
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The Fatted Faithful
Why the church may be harmful to your waistline.
Subscriber Access Only Directions: Is Revelation Prophecy or History?
Some events described in Revelation occurred contemporaneously with the prophecies themselves.
Subscriber Access Only Israeli Officials Say James Ossuary, Joash Tablet are Fakes
Canadian government will legalize gay marriage nationwide, AMA supports human cloning, Sgt.'s Kuwait grenade attack was religiously motivated, and other stories from online sources around the world.
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Ossuary Questions Remain
Israel Antiquities Authority says brother of Jesus inscription is a forgery, but supporters say its report may be flawed
Subscriber Access Only What Did Paul Really Mean?
'New perspective' scholars argue that we need, well, a new perspective on justification by faith.
Books That Almost Made It
Excerpt from a popular writing that some wanted to include in the New Testament: The Shepherd of Hermas
The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth: From the Editor - What History Can, and Cannot, Do
What History Can, and Cannot, Do
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The Passion and Prejudice
Why I asked the Anti-Defamation League to give Mel Gibson a break.
Subscriber Access Only Singing in the Chains
To be saved means more than we might think.
Subscriber Access Only This Samaritan Life
How to live in a culture that is vaguely suspicious of the church.
Subscriber Access Only 'Dead Sea Scrolls on Stone'
Prof says first-century tablet tells of messiah who will die and rise.
The Apostle Paul and His Times: A Gallery of Paul's Inner Circle
What happened to the people who worked most closely with him?
The First Battle For the Bible
A century after Christ's death, a literalist and a spiritualizer forced the church to choose how it would read the Scriptures it inherited from the Jews
Displaying 1 – 15 of 166 ARTICLES
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Desire and Deliverance
Desire and Deliverance
Three new documentaries examine Christian faith, homosexuality, and the question of change.
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