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Sects: Watch Tower Undergoes Corporate Shakeup
Jehovah's Witnesses organization changing structure
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Hungry for Something More
Unitarian Universalism and Wicca don't mix well in Houston.
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Public Schools: California parents protest Muslim simulations.
Parents allege kids 'forced' to simulate Islam
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Political Tensions Between Christians, Jews
Rabbi Hopes to Quell Political Tensions
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Debate Continues on Incorporating Animal Sacrifices in Worship
Some Christians warn that African rituals to honor ancestors could subvert the Gospel message.
Subscriber Access Only On the Record: Rick Santorum
On Islamofascism, Iraq, pro-life Democrats, and other issues.
Subscriber Access Only Q&A: Hugh Hewitt
Conservative blogger, political analyst, and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Romney's bid for the White House.
Subscriber Access Only Latter-Day Politics
Mitt Romney believes American values, not Mormon doctrine, should rule a President.
Subscriber Access Only Low Expectations Follow Annapolis Summit
Evangelicals disagree on how to pursue peace, but agree that the renewed Israeli-Palestinian talks may accomplish little.
Subscriber Access Only Foreign Correspondence
Muslim and Christian leaders seek common ground in conciliatory letters.
Subscriber Access Only Unapologetic Apologist
Jay Smith confronts Muslim fundamentalists with fundamentalist fervor.
Subscriber Access Only The Radical Conservative
Richard John Neuhaus helped inspire a generation of evangelicals to participate boldly in the public square.
Subscriber Access Only Should Christians Fast During Ramadan With Muslims?
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Subscriber Access Only Q & A: Brit Hume
The former news anchor for Fox News explains why he told Tiger Woods to turn to the Christian faith.
Freedom? Yes! Mosque? No!
The issue isn't just freedom, say some champions of religious liberty.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 401 ARTICLES
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Full Bellies, Thankful Hearts
Full Bellies, Thankful Hearts
God designed your stomach and your heart to be intimately connected.
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