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Giving Hope a Chance
Danforth calls on Sudan's government, rebels to 'prove skeptics wrong.'
Subscriber Access Only Opening Ceremony Blues
The Olympics is symbolic, but not of world peace.
The Ceasefire Prayer Behind Leymah Gbowee's Nobel Peace Prize
How faith led to a Nobel Peace Prize winner's push for reconciliation.
How Gaza’s Christians View the Hamas-Israeli Conflict
Baptist pastor Hanna Massad speaks openly about what he sees happening as he helps to shelter Gaza’s Christians and others during the current conflict.
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Sometimes conflict is better left alone.
Subscriber Access Only What Was CPT Doing in Iraq?
The original vision of a peacemaker force from the man who started it.
Subscriber Access Only A Hint of Peace
War-torn church ponders amnesty for rebel leader.
Subscriber Access Only Our Shalom Vocation
Peacemaking is more than not making waves.
Subscriber Access Only A Problematic Peace Accord
Christians in Swat Valley brace for Taliban rule.
Subscriber Access Only The Silent Human Conscience
What should I tell my daughter when bombs fall and the great nations say nothing?
Subscriber Access Only Leap of Faith
Tony Blair, Middle East envoy, says religion and globalization go together — in a good way.
Subscriber Access Only Building a Peace Beyond Understanding
Amid ongoing violence, southern Sudan's Christians model a different kind of hope.
Subscriber Access Only Bush's Envoy's Advice: 'Raise Cain'
How advocacy by American Christians trims violence in Sudan.
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Standing for Peace on the Eve of War
Christian group seeks nonviolent solution in Iraq.
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Peace in the Trash Can
Protestants disillusioned with Good Friday Agreement.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 157 ARTICLES
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America the Beautiful, America the Violent
America the Beautiful, America the Violent
Ferguson may be about race, but it is also about violence. And we should have something to say about both.
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