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ARTICLE: Robertson R Us, Part 2
When evangelicals look in the mirror, do we see the host of The 700 Club staring back?
Growth of the West
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Kenyan President Suggests Hanging for 'Knowingly' Infecting Others with AIDS
Church organizations criticize use of capital punishment as solution to epidemic
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Heresy Charge Torpedoes Pastor's Political Debut
Tulsa Christian leaders reject Pearson's 'gospel of inclusion' as universalism
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Ecuador: Word and Spirit Together
For the first time, Pentecostal leaders are invited to a key Latino Protestant Congress.
Subscriber Access Only Charismatic Character Clash
Journalist and pastor debate restoration for disgraced revivalist Todd Bentley.
Subscriber Access Only Why the Oral Roberts Obituaries Are Wrong
The "faith-healer" (who hated the term) may have done much to mainstream Pentecostalism, but he was no architect of the Prosperity Gospel.
Subscriber Access Only Pentecostal Renewal Transforms Rwanda after Genocide
Survivors flock to charismatic churches as a haven for healing.
Pope Francis Apologizes for Pentecostal Persecution, But Italy's Evangelicals Remain Wary
A 'near totality' warn U.S. evangelicals (and others) against becoming too friendly with the Catholic Church.
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Pentecostals: Youth Leaders Launch Racial Reconciliation Network
Youth Are Key in Moving Past 'Feel Good' Reconciliation
Sanctification Scuffles
The finished work controversy was Pentecostalism's first split
Hell-Hatched Free Lovism'
Evangelicals were none too eager to welcome the Pentecostals
The Rise of Pentecostalism: Recommended Resources
The Rise of Pentecostalism
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"Kidnapped Missionaries Injured, Threatened With Death"
"A hot summer's a-brewin', and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world"
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The Invisible Seminaries
Plus: Charges of racism in church zoning denials, secularism blamed for killing 43,000 Canadians annually, and other stories about Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 171 ARTICLES
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Andy Crouch: Corporate Faith After the Hobby Lobby Decision
Life Together, Again
After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever.
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