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Subscriber Access Only Colson: The Oxford Prophet
Lewis predicted a time when those who want to remold human nature "will be armed with the powers of an omnicompetent state.
Knowledge: The Road to Peace
As Comenius saw it, education was the best way out of the Thirty Years War.
Persecution in the Early Church: A Gallery of the Persecuting Emperors
John Chrysostom: Did You Know?
Creation's Symmetries, God's Mystery
Blaise Pascal pioneered in math and physics but drew faith from revelation alone.
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Dismantling Roe
In Defending Life, philosopher Francis Beckwith argues with the sword tied behind his back.
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Consuming Faith
Tyler Wigg Stevenson says real Christianity isn't the kind you can buy.
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Muslim Priest and Buddhist Bishop-Elect Are Raising Questions About Syncretism
For years, Episcopal Church leaders have taught that God can be found in other faiths. Now some clergy are pursuing him there.
Subscriber Access Only Mr. Wilson's Wild Ride
Theology in color, motion, and sensory detail. A review of N.D. Wilson's Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl
Subscriber Access Only 'We're All Theologians'
But is it the best or worst of times for doctrine?
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Faithful Presence Is Not Quietism
James Davison Hunter responds to Chuck Colson and Andy Crouch.
Subscriber Access Only The Lost Art of Commitment
Why we're afraid of it, and why we shouldn't be.
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Subscriber Access Only Ayn Rand Led Me to Christ
How the anti-Christian philosopher prepared me to hear the gospel.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 383 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 29, 2014
Desire and Deliverance
Desire and Deliverance
Three new documentaries examine Christian faith, homosexuality, and the question of change.
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