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What Would People Think If They Knew That I'm a 'Jesus Freak' Freak?
Yes, dcTalk's defining album has some truly cheesy moments. But 20 years later, it's still just really good.
The Wonderless World of Dismaland
How Banksy’s bemusement park challenges our hope.
Christians Can’t Ignore ‘Fun Home’ and Other Controversial Books
Alison Bechdel's memoir doesn't endorse sexual brokenness. Ultimately, it exposes it.
The Biblical Meaning of Clothing
It takes on special significance throughout the arc of Scripture.
Why Fashion Matters
How Christian Fashion Week could spur the church to engage clothing beyond simply buying it.
How Not to Listen to the New Sufjan Stevens Album
Can we avoid turning the Brooklyn-based artist and Christian into a poster boy?
Subscriber Access Only Why We're Hooked on Heaven and Hell
What pop culture's afterlife obsession tells us about ourselves.
The Top 10 Exchange Blog Posts of 2014
Here are the top 10 most viewed blog posts on the Exchange in the last year.
Morning Roundup 9/18/14
Church Buildings; Rape and Rotherham; Culture and Kingdom
The Stereotypical Christians of 'Orange Is the New Black'
The series’ groundbreaking diversity disappoints in the realm of religion.
Don't Worry, Be Happy—According to Jesus
Remembering the reason and way to let go of our worries.
Lecrae v. Katy Perry: Christian Rappers Sue Pop Star
Christian hip-hop artists claim pop queen’s “witchcraft” hit ripped off their song.
How Sex, Busyness, Mobility, and the American Dream can Impede Friendship
House of Cards, my kids, and a Tedx talk all got me thinking about the nature of friendship
Faith Upon a Fairy Tale
There’s no shame in the childhood comfort of moral stories.
What House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men Get Right (and what they don't get)
Our belovedness is more true than our sinfulness
Displaying 1 – 15 of 153 ARTICLES
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Good Behavior Matters After All
Good Behavior Matters After All
How I discovered God's plan to reach a lost and sinful world.
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