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Rock & Roll Apologetics
New and noteworthy books on the Beatles, hate, and other subjects.
On Fire? for the Lord
Subscriber Access Only Creating Culture
Our best response to the world is to make something of it.
Subscriber Access Only The Joy of Sports
There are a lot of Christian athletes who care about the Cross, the gospel, humility, joy, and sanctification.
The Friendless, Voiceless Disney Princess
Most 'family-friendly' movies lack substantive female characters and friendships, according to the Bechdel Test. Then again, so do most movies.
The Blurred Lines of Cultural Consumption
Transformation, redemption, and a certain raunchy Robin Thicke video.
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The Secret Exposed
Why Oprah and millions of readers can be wrong.
Subscriber Access Only Hero Worship
The Dark Knight perpetuates America's hero confusion.
Subscriber Access Only Buy to Be, Be to Buy
Sure, consumerism is bad. But we need to think about why.
Subscriber Access Only Get Thee Behind Us
The Devil's latest marketing guise.
Subscriber Access Only The Scandal of the Public Evangelical
What we really have to offer the world.
Subscriber Access Only Amen, and a Foul
It is important to distinguish between individuals in sports and the system of sports. Both are broken due to the Fall.
How 'Two and a Half Men' Star Became a 'Paid Hypocrite'
Angus T. Jones explains the conversion that led him to denounce his CBS sitcom as 'filth.'
You Talk Like a Girl
How vocal fry affects women in the church.
Overwhelmed by Seeker-sensitivity
Displaying 1 – 15 of 157 ARTICLES
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Why ISIS Must Be Stopped
Why ISIS Must Be Stopped
But no special pleading on behalf of Christians is required.
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