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Worship in the Early Church: Christian History Timeline
Islam 101
Basics of a foreign faith
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What You Need to Know about David Wilkerson's 'Urgent Message'
How people are responding to his warning of riots, fires, and economic collapse in NYC.
Subscriber Access Only Who Gets Left Behind?
How end times theories shape the ways we view our earthly abode.
The Chaining of the Church
What happened to the church between the vibrantly pluralistic 1st century and the legalistic, male-dominated 3rd century?
The Faith Behind the Famous: Isaac Newton
He has been called "the greatest scientific genius the world has known." Yet he spent less time on science than on theology.
Primary Sources
What type of history do the four Evangelists tell, and what does it reveal about Jesus?
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Jerry Falwell: Jerry Falwell's Uncertain Legacy
"Pastor, chancellor, and self-proclaimed prophet is staging a comeback to secure his standing as a leading evangelical."
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The Coming Secular Apocalypse
How a computer bug is breeding prophecy, plans, and polemics in the church.
The Primary Source of the Millennium Legends/Historical Events
Read for yourself the chief accounts upon which the millennium celebration is based; while these much-loved chronicles admittedly contain a good bit of legend, they are still the best history we have.
The Best of History
Selected by our editorial advisers
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ARTICLE: A Sword Through Her Soul
How could Jesus treat his mother that way?
The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth: Recommended Resources
The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth
Muhammad amid the Faiths
The prophet's interactions with paganism, Judaism, and Christianity birthed puzzling prophecies and a legacy of strife.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 85 ARTICLES
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A Decision in Ferguson: How Should Evangelicals Respond?
A Decision in Ferguson: How Should Evangelicals Respond?
The grand jury has made a decision in Ferguson, now we have to make ours. How will we respond?
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