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A Psychologist Faces Her Own Anxiety
How a therapist who knew it all is learning to let it go.
How a PTSD Diagnosis Can Help, and Harm
Psychological diagnoses can tell someone they are not alone. They can also be used to alienate even further.
Brené Brown: Why We Need to Own Our Failures
Our darkest chapters don’t require a Christian rewrite.
Inside Out: Let Yourself Feel All the Feels
Why Christians can embrace Disney-Pixar's affirmation of sadness.
Subscriber Access Only Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon
The leading Christian scholar on gender dysphoria defines the terms—and gives the church a way forward.
Loving Individuals Who are Hurting: Tips on Navigating Trauma and Grief
How do you come alongside someone who is dealing with a traumatic situation? Psychologist Sarah Rainer helps.
Remembering the Gospel with Alzheimer’s
Christian psychologist: ‘God has a way to reach them’
Subscriber Access Only Hidden Casualties
How to see and serve veterans this summer.
Good Christian Girls Get Angry
No longer in denial: Letting God use our anger.
Morning Roundup 1/7/15
Happy Religious People; From the End of the Earth; Cop with Pastor's Heart
Subscriber Access Only Our Bodies Were Made for You, O Lord
We've been designed, right down to the DNA, to love and serve our maker.
A Survey Can Make You Less Moral
What behavioral economics has to do with scary statistics.
The Integration of Christianity and Psychology: A guest post by Sarah Rainer
Sarah Rainer, Doctor of Psychology, explains how psychology and Christianity relate to each other.
Morning Roundup 9/9/14
Toxic People; Pledge of Allegiance; Religion and Happiness
The Staying Power of Emotional Abuse
Yes, I had my virginity, but I lost my connection to my humanity.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 115 ARTICLES
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The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery
Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating.
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