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Morning Roundup 8/20/15
Question for Parents; Questions for Worship Leaders; Wanting Sanctification
Morning Roundup 2/26/15
Evangelicals and Catholics on Marriage; Churches Need Diversity; Sunday Segregation
3 Reasons Why I Hate Diversity
Christena Cleveland shares some of the hesitations all of us have to face when we welcome diversity.
Thursday is for Thinkers: Not Caring About Diversity is Not an Option
Trillia Newbell explores why many American churchgoers do not care about diversity.
Luke 19 and the Segregation of the Church
More reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. day and the segregation of the church from Bryan Loritts.
The Most Segregated Hour of the Week?
Reflections on church diversity on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Harmony on Earth
On MLK Day, Rethinking Racial Integration
Sunday Morning Segregation: Most Worshipers Feel Their Church Has Enough Diversity
LifeWay survey finds only a third of Americans have worshiped as a minority, and half didn't last a year.
Morning Roundup 1/14/15
A Challenge to the American Church; Normal Evangelism; 2015 Religion Stories
A Time to Speak, a Live Broadcast from Memphis
Watch a panel discussion on race and the church on Tuesday, December 16th at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN.
Morning Roundup 12/1/14
More thoughts on Ferguson: Voddie Baucham; Thabiti Anyabwile; Dwight McKissic; Tony Evans
Morning Roundup 11/25/14
Ferguson and the Cross; Grand Jury Decision; How to Respond
Border Crossing: Common Words Work Against the Multiethnic Message
Dr. Elizabeth Drury on the importance of terminology in multiethnic ministry and discussions.
Breaking All the Barriers
How the Spirit at Pentecost decimated humanity’s dividing walls.
The Gospel of Interracial Marriage
How unity in Christ should overcome our segregated pews and segregated dating lives.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 43 ARTICLES
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Top Story June 28, 2016
Supreme Court: Texas Can't Keep Women from Abortion Clinics
Supreme Court: Texas Can't Keep Women from Abortion Clinics
Ruling to reverse restrictions interrupts years of pro-life advances on the state level.
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