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Subscriber Access Only My Ministry Space
Youth pastors track popular networking website.
Subscriber Access Only A Fishy Facebook Friend
Shouldn't the Golden Rule apply in virtual reality?
Subscriber Access Only An Entertaining Saboteur
Facebook promises to connect us to one another. Is that what you are doing right now?
Subscriber Access Only Does Twitter Do Us Any Good?
How the movement of the Trinity can help us decide.
Subscriber Access Only Restless, Reformed, and Single
Online dating services argue that God can use virtual reality too.
Subscriber Access Only Q & A: Wayne Pederson
The president of HCJB Global discusses how the evangelistic organization known for shortwave broadcasting is changing in light of new media realities.
Subscriber Access Only The Kiva Effect
Internet-based lender inspires innovation in Christian microfinance.
Subscriber Access Only Intellectual Blog Feast
Matthew Lee Anderson's online ruminations go deep.
Subscriber Access Only Religious Self-Profiling
Identifying one's faith on online social networks proves challenging for some.
For Many Missionaries, More Tech Means Shorter Furloughs
Constant connection keeps missionaries on the field, but has its costs.
Not Many of You Should Presume to Be Bloggers
How social media changed theological debate.
Subscriber Access Only Christianizing the Social Network
Tim Challies looks at emerging technology through a theological lens.
Subscriber Access Only Is Online Dating for Christians?
An anthropologist, a writer, and a ministry leader consider Christian dating websites.
Twitter Reaches Out to Christian Leaders at Catalyst's 'Be Present' Conference
The company wants to verify prominent pastors as the religious leaders navigate social media challenges.
Subscriber Access Only How to Think about Social Networking in Churches
What do we do with virtual fellowship?
Displaying 1 – 15 of 98 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 26, 2015
The Key to Prosperity
The Key to Prosperity
It's not knowledge or work ethic, it turns out.
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