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1 Year Blogoversary
We Still Love Social Media—Filters, Fakers, Hashtags, and All
Our digital connections are far from perfect, but we can’t give ‘em up.
We Can't All Be Beautiful
Why does our obsession with self-acceptance focus so much on appearance?
Subscriber Access Only A Fishy Facebook Friend
Shouldn't the Golden Rule apply in virtual reality?
Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon
Should church teaching evolve in the digital age?
Why We Love 'Add a Word, Ruin a Christian Book'
Talking Jesus jokes and Internet culture with hashtag-maker Rachel Marie Stone.
Social Media and Christian Ministry: Reaching the World for the Kingdom of God
Justin Wise, Founder of Think Digital, shares his thoughts on the importance of using social media for the Kingdom.
Book Giveaway on Twitter
6 Crowdfunding Myths for Christians to Consider
Online fundraising can be a great ministry resource… if done right.
It's Inevitable: We're Human, We're Christian, and We're Lonely
How an over-connected, over-independent culture keeps us from the intimacy we all crave.
Politics, Social Media, and More Important Things
All those political rants may be hindering your Christian witness.
Snap Judgments: Our Societal Obsession With Taking Pictures
Honoring God in over-captured, over-shared, picture-perfect lives
Blog "Look Back," part 2
Displaying 1 – 15 of 83 ARTICLES
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Top Story October 1, 2014
The Case Against 'Radical' Christianity
The Case Against 'Radical' Christianity
Michael Horton's message to restless believers: Stay put, and build the church.
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