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Why We Want to Return to Stars Hollow
The weirdest part of the Gilmore Girls hometown? How they did community right.
Cultsploitation and True Believers
Being duped and blinded to the truth is no laughing matter. So why are we so obsessed with cults?
The Christians, the Soviets, and the Bible
‘The Americans’ has handled Christianity in a way unlike almost any other show. What’s going on?
Why I Quit Watching ‘Downton Abbey’
This isn’t just a pretty period drama. It’s a show about terror.
10 Obscure Gospel Moments Most Jesus Films Miss
A look at commonly neglected gospel stories and films that depict them.
Searching for the Exit in ‘The Twilight Zone’
Not only is the classic sci-fi show entertaining—it has a fascinating take on the afterlife.
An Ambassador to the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’
Why David Dark thinks it’s a mistake to reject the R-word.
Christian TV Helps ISIS Survivors
As Myriam, the girl who forgave ISIS, returns to school, Arabic broadcaster finds 'unconventional' way to bring education to other refugees.
Streams of Joy: Into the Heart of Gilmore Girls Devotion
The creator and co-host of the Gilmore Guys podcast reflects on a year of unexpected success.
Subscriber Access Only Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed with 'Identity'
2015 was a year when many movies and TV shows showed characters searching for their 'authentic self.' What Christians can learn from that search.
Best of 2015: Duggar Scandal, Beth Moore, and the Yoga Pants Debate
We rank the top 10 posts of the year.
Hymns in the Spotlight
Navigating fame—and faith—on NBC's 'The Voice.'
Bruised and Bleeding: Watching 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones'
Two Marvel shows give us an uncommon abandonment of the lone-hero trope.
Shopping the Movies
Got some folks with very specific movie tastes on your list? We've got suggestions.
Thanking Our Immigrant Parents
How Master of None points to the joy, not the guilt, of “Honor your father and mother.”
Displaying 1 – 15 of 366 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 5, 2016
The Kasich Conundrum
The Kasich Conundrum
How one of America's most Christian candidates became the most offensive.
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