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Subscriber Access Only Knowing Packer
The lonely journey of a passionate Puritan.
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ARTICLE: What Henri Nouwen Found at Daybreak
Experiments in Spiritual living in a secular world.
Subscriber Access Only My Dirty Little Former Secret
God used a movie about gay cowboys to release me from the burden of my past.
Subscriber Access Only Q&A: Albert Mohler
On recovery from life-threatening pulmonary emboli and lessons learned.
Subscriber Access Only Q & A: Tony Dungy
The retired NFL coach speaks to CT about the family, faith, and virtue.
Subscriber Access Only Mystic with a Spreadsheet
Journalist Jeffery Sheler provides a probing biography of the two Rick Warrens.
Subscriber Access Only Saved by an Atheist
Christians gave Albert Camus good reasons not to believe. He gave me a reason to return to faith.
Mary Beth Chapman vs. God
In a new book, Steven Curtis Chapman's wife is brutally honest about her lifelong feud with the Creator, especially after losing their daughter to an accident in 2008.
Subscriber Access Only Welcoming Limits
When the 'beginner years' have passed, what does spiritual maturity look like?
Subscriber Access Only Birth of a Troubled Conscience
A Christian Science upbringing. A shameful wartime act.
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Why I Return To The Pews
The church has often left me bemused, bored, or mystified, but I can no more abandon it than I can myself.
Subscriber Access Only Running Out of Miracles
Big Idea creator Phil Vischer had his dream crumble, but he's no longer s-scared.
Subscriber Access Only ABC's Peggy Wehmeyer: On the Faith Beat
Peggy Wehmeyer Pioneers Religion on ABC's World News Tonigh
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Cheated by the Affirming Church
Contrary to what some churches teach, it is homosexuality—and not its suppression—that enslaves people like me.
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My Path to Lesbianism
It was hatred of women that drove me there, and Christ in community that led me out.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 148 ARTICLES
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What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive?
What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive?
Rooting our celebration of Christ’s birth more deeply in our lives.
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