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Christian Colleges' Urgent Mission
Christian education is not secular education plus chapel.
Subscriber Access Only EDITORIAL: Blinded by the 'Lite'
Dying modernity is into spirituality. What does this trend portend?
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Christians Battle Gambling
Will Christians reclaim the high ground in a battle to fight America's 'recreational pastime'?
Subscriber Access Only Singing in the Chains
To be saved means more than we might think.
Subscriber Access Only An Open-Handed Gospel
We have to decide whether we have a stingy or a generous God.
Subscriber Access Only Buy Local
What does ecclesiology have to do with the election?
Subscriber Access Only Marching Farmers, Homeless Slaves
How Christianity's Jewish roots point us to a different kind of Thanksgiving.
Subscriber Access Only More Giving, Less Taxing
President Obama's tax plan will hurt the very people he's trying to help.
Subscriber Access Only Not One Sparrow
We can be 'speciesists' and show compassion for animals.
Subscriber Access Only The Great Evangelical Anxiety
Why change is not our most important product.
Subscriber Access Only When the Pastor Suffers
Matt Chandler comforts an anxious church following his Thanksgiving seizure.
Subscriber Access Only The Problem of Goodness
It's not just the problem of evil that baffles the secularist.
Subscriber Access Only Theodicy in Light of Eternity
Theologians see hope for the future based on the past.
Subscriber Access Only The Joy of Sports
There are a lot of Christian athletes who care about the Cross, the gospel, humility, joy, and sanctification.
Subscriber Access Only Same Sex, Different Marriage
Many of those who want marriage equality do not want fidelity.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 468 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 1, 2014
Behold Now 'The Behemoth'
Behold Now 'The Behemoth'
Introducing our new biweekly mix about a big God and his big world.
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