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Subscriber Access Only Priest Idol
A Wheaton grad ends up on British reality TV. His mission: Save a dying church.
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Leaps of Faith
What business execs are learning as they lead Christian nonprofits.
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The Art of Cyber Church
Joel Hunter is known by many as part of President Obama's inner circle of pastors. Fewer know him as one of America's most innovative church planters.
Subscriber Access Only White Flag in the Mommy Wars
The theology that many parents are missing.
Subscriber Access Only Getting the Story
Why journalism is not just a profession for us.
Don't Be Ashamed to Listen to Your Heart
Desire gets a bad rap in Christian circles. Jen Pollock Michel explains why it shouldn’t.
Subscriber Access Only The Third Coming of George Barna
He believes his ten-year campaign to reform the church has failed. What is evangelicals' most-quoted statistician going to do next?
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Best Christian Places to Work: What Burnout?
The Coalition for Christian Outreach takes seriously its responsibility to care for employees
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If the church says you're a disposable pastor, where's your future in ministry?
Subscriber Access Only Schedule, Interrupted
Discovering God's time-management.
Subscriber Access Only Memphis's Other Graceland
For over 40 years, JoeAnn Ballard has grown a ministry that has transformed thousands of lives.
Subscriber Access Only The Politics of the Pump
How breast-feeding became the new front in the Mommy Wars — and why I'm going to breast-feed my first child.
Subscriber Access Only Intellectual Blog Feast
Matthew Lee Anderson's online ruminations go deep.
Subscriber Access Only The Mission of Art
W. David O. Taylor grounds his aesthetic passion in the local church.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 241 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 20, 2014
I Was Saved at Open Communion
I Was Saved at Open Communion
Having the choice of taking Communion made it clear to me that I was hungry for Christ.
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