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From the Printing Press to the iPhoneSubscriber Access Only
Shane Hipps urges Christians to discern the technology spirits.
An Entertaining SaboteurSubscriber Access Only
Facebook promises to connect us to one another. Is that what you are doing right now?
Censured Southern Baptist Critic ResignsSubscriber Access Only
Wade Burleson resigned Tuesday after International Mission Board suspended him over blog's criticism.
Laughing with EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Joel Kilpatrick of satirizes only the ones he loves.
Technology and the GospelSubscriber Access Only
Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, and others weigh in on worship and evangelism in a plugged-in age.
A Fishy Facebook FriendSubscriber Access Only
Shouldn't the Golden Rule apply in virtual reality?
Go FigureSubscriber Access Only
Recent statistics on religious websites, evangelicals and homosexual teachers, and women's roles.
Christian Colleges' Hottest Profs?Subscriber Access Only
Schools discount site that lets students publicly grade and berate faculty.
Not-So-Quiet TimeSubscriber Access Only
Slate's David Plotz blogs about the Bible's many surprises.
My Ministry SpaceSubscriber Access Only
Youth pastors track popular networking website.
Media in MotionSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicalism's mission and message outlast evolving technologies.
Costly ComplaintsSubscriber Access Only
Southern Baptist pastor claims blog criticism led mission board to recommend his removal.
Domain Game: Can Jews for Jesus Win Its Google Suit?Subscriber Access Only
It's not clear whether group has right to trademark in subdomains.
A Theoblogical RevolutionSubscriber Access Only
Billy Graham's vision goes from print to online, then back again.
Crucial News Service DiesSubscriber Access Only
Religious freedom champion Keston Institute shifts focus
Christian Satirical Website a Blessing to Some, 'Sick Joke' to OthersSubscriber Access Only
Founder of Lark News says satire is important in any community or subculture
The Iraq War Has Little Effect on the Rapture IndexSubscriber Access Only
The founder of an online end times speedometer says that other current events are more connected to biblical prophecy.
Bible Is Getting Even Friendlier to ProgrammersSubscriber Access Only
The English Standard Version will become the first Bible to allow web programmers to innovate new applications with its text
Saudi Arabia Blocks Religious WebsitesSubscriber Access Only
Few are surprised at restrictions found in Harvard study
The Next Billy Graham May Be a RobotSubscriber Access Only
Should Internet evangelism use automated programs to spread the gospel?
Top Story March 17, 2018
Lead Us Not Into Scandal
Lead Us Not Into Scandal
While some other evangelicals stumbled in national news, Graham's Modesto Manifesto kept him from falling.
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