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Roe vs. Judicial Sense
Forget briefly its immorality—it's just bad law
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Wounds of a Friend: Egalitarian
Egalitarians should rely more on careful exegesis and less on political ideologies.
The Perception Obstacle for Women Pursuing Leadership in Evangelical Workplaces
New research points to challenges female leaders face.
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Israel: Bill Sparks Abortion Controversy in Israel
Christianity and the Civil War: A Gallery of Firebrands and Visionaries
Leading people in religion and politics during the Civil War era
Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: A Gallery of Gritty Pioneers
Six missionaries whose tenacity changed China
Subscriber Access Only Where Are the Men?
Overseas humanitarian groups target women, and for good reason. But it isn't enough.
Subscriber Access Only Youth Movement: Finns Seek Renewal
Lutheran leaders want to push out young conservatives.
Subscriber Access Only A Liberating Woman: A Reflection on the Founder of Christians for Biblical Equality
Catherine Clark Kroeger championed women’s equality without budging on scriptural authority.
The Politics of Breast Cancer
Why the Komen Foundation's desire not to be "political" is understandable, but impossible.
Changing Depictions, Changing Perceptions
Bridging the gap between female stereotypes and real women starts in our heads, not stock photography.
Subscriber Access Only Clergy Can Sue for Discrimination, Appeals Court Says
Plus: Does natural family planning kill babies? Another priest's satanic murder, a second Texas church discipline case goes to court, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only Voiceless Women
The Stoning Of Soraya M. exposes a dark side of Islam.
The 'Benevolent Sexism' at Christian Colleges
A new study finds that women faculty say they're undermined and passed over for advancement because of their gender. But they're happier than they'd be at secular schools.
The Army Mother
With her bright mind and powerful speaking abilities, Catherine Booth emerged as one of the most influential women in modern religious history.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 138 ARTICLES
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Saying Goodbye for Good
Saying Goodbye for Good
How to bid farewell as though our bodies mattered.
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