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The Waning of the 'Worship Wars'
Praise bands and informality are rising, along with Hispanic leaders and unaffiliated churches, finds latest National Congregations Study.
Subscriber Access Only Does Your Church’s Worship Need a Multicultural Makeover?
Why local congregations should embrace the music and prayers of other church traditions.
Subscriber Access Only Under Discussion: Should Churches Dim the Lights for Worship?
Does low lighting set a better mood, or mimic entertainment too much? Experts weigh in.
Worship as the Ultimate Act
Historically, worship has been a divisive part of the local church experience. How might we rightly understand worship?
Worship Leaders Are Not Rock Stars
Instead of performing music, we should be leading worship.
3 Ways to Encourage Peace Between Generations in Denominations
Your denomination is not defined by a style. So don’t let style become a point of contention.
Subscriber Access Only Can Worship Leaders and Musicians Resist the Temptation to 'Perform'?
Three views on how to keep church services from becoming like American Idol.
Is Your Worship Music Driven by Complaints or Mission in Context?
The motivation behind having different worship services is key.
What Should Worship Look Like? 3 Questions to Ask When Planning a Worship Service
We serve a God who is worthy of worship and praise, and we must wisely consider three factors in planning worship.
7 Biblical Tests for Christians and Music
Determining the right music for church is not easy, but God's Word offers helpful metrics.
What You Need to Know About the Bay Psalm Book
Boston's Old South Church is selling a copy of the historic volume. Here's why it's such a big deal.
Is Megachurch Worship Addictive?
Scholars, including the coauthor of the recent study alleging that it creates a "high," weigh in.
Clothing Matters: What We Wear to Church
Why what we put on may be more important than we think.
Subscriber Access Only A Variety of Religious Composition
The music we sing, in and out of church, is more varied and interesting than we've been led to believe.
Subscriber Access Only The End of Worship Wars
But we're still learning from one another.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 28 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 29, 2016
Reading Esther in the Shadow of ISIS
Reading Esther in the Shadow of ISIS
A Jewish philosopher’s perspective on how God delivers his people from radical evil.
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