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The Remarkable Story of China’s ‘Bible Women’
The history of Christianity in the world’s largest country can’t be told without acknowledging the female evangelists and pastors who built its church.
Changing Direction – Reflections on the Chicago River at St. Patrick’s Day
When we follow Jesus, we do what the Chicago River did in 1900: we change direction.
When the Path to Ministry Is an Obstacle Course
What if the things that seem to get in the way of ministry actually qualify us for it?
Ministries Can Do Better Than Inclusion-Rider Diversity
Rather than wait for outside demands, faith-based organizations should proactively pursue representation as part of their mission.
Five Things that Keep Churches from Change
Being a representative of Christ in a lost world requires change.
Keeping the Sabbath Saved My Marriage, My Ministry, and Probably My Life
I used to think resting from work was selfish, until I considered the example of Jesus.
5 Ways Your Church’s Impact Can Become Bigger Than Its Footprint
When we equip the saints, the church’s impact can grow exponentially, even if its numerical or geographical footprint doesn’t grow noticeably.
Muslim Refugees Are Finding Christ—And Facing Backlash
What happens when Middle Eastern Christians and Muslims immigrate to secular Sweden?
Turkey Wants to Keep American Pastor Behind Bars for Life
American officials and supporters say Andrew Brunson has been “unjustly imprisoned” under false charges.
What Is Evangelicalism?
A simple definition based in doctrine, history, or sociology won’t do. But a vibrant stream really does exist.
The Focused Leader: Keeping the Mission as the Ultimate Goal
Missional leaders must cultivate biblically-shaped leadership and the gospel-structured mission.
Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Suicide Is Everybody’s Business
Society’s moral resolve hinges on the interdependence of the sick and the well.
Food for Thought: The Theological Life of Pi
The mind-boggling discoveries of computers and what we—and God?—still may never know.
Will Trump’s New Secretary of State Prioritize Religious Freedom?
Fired Rex Tillerson was still shuffling strategy. Now experts are looking to Mike Pompeo to set the tone.
US Catholics More Concerned About Climate Change Than Persecuted Christians
Most think persecution is severe, but only half are very concerned or strongly support asylum or financial aid.
Three Elements of an Explosive Church Planting Movement
Developing better systems to reflect the best in kingdom expansion
A Wrinkle in Heaven
Can the spiritual dimensions of reality be probed by science?
5 Ways Your Church Could End Up In Court
These true stories reveal the need for awareness and prevention.
The Suffering Leader
I found new treasures in the field of suffering
Babies Need Their Moms. But Moms Need Paid Leave.
“Conservatives love my family-first message, but you have to pay for that message,” says researcher.
Top Story March 17, 2018
Lead Us Not Into Scandal
Lead Us Not Into Scandal
While some other evangelicals stumbled in national news, Graham's Modesto Manifesto kept him from falling.
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